Of Talk Radio, Randy Galloway and Richard Durrett

910143_article_img_large1Sorry, but don’t listen to sports talk radio. I listen to it as much as I’m on it, which is pretty much never, except for once a week with my old buddy David Smoak, who used to be the King of East Texas but now rules the airwaves down in Waco.

But sports talk radio is big business in the Metroplex and it was big news this weekend when Ben and Skin announced that they were leaving the flagship station to go elsewhere. Not sure elsewhere but that’s somebody else’s scoop.

Met them once at a dinner here in Arizona and enjoyed their company and was especially impressed how they could put away the expensive cognac on somebody else’s dime. But otherwise never really listened even though I do live in the part of the Metroplex that can hear them, and no, despite all the inbox questions, I don’t know what’s up with that.

Probably should listen to Randy Galloway more but since I have to listen to him in other venues where the appropriate refreshments are served, turning him on in the Jeep Liberty seems a bit much. Since he seems to want to talk about the Cowboys more than the 49ers, well that leaves me out. Plus Helen, one of his loyal listeners, likes to tell me what he has to say and that seems sufficient.

Look we all know that Norm Hitzges is an electronic broadcasting giant and 1310 is one of the great success stories in the industry, but it’s still hard to keep up with who’s coming and who’s going in that world. Pretty sure that Clint Longley though is the only former Cowboy without his own radio gig. Maybe Larry Cole too but he was the guy who scored a touchdown in 1969, and again in 1980 and said, “Anybody can have an off decade.”
No doubt this stubborn stance against tuning means missing much, whether it’s pointed insight into the Rangers worst off-season ever – or at least the worst since missing out on Barry Zito – or Ron Washington’s latest move, John Hamilton’s latest escapades or a failed ex-GM’s latest ravings.MH

But when there is always a chance to hear Gerry Rafferty and Baker Street or the Beach Boy’s brilliant version of Sloop John B, why take the chance. Plus those satellite radio traffic updates from San Francisco can’t be missed. Always want to know how the traffic is flowing across the Golden Gate Bridge, the single greatest structure built since the Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria, and much more sturdy in the occasional mega-earthquake. Hopefully 100 years from now the Golden Gate Bridge won’t be found at the bottom of the Golden Gate.

Could listen to it around the house but there is always an Law & Order SVU on TV and when it comes to Randy Galloway vs. Mariska Hargitay, well what part do you not understand.

Anyway the flagship station now has a new voice.

Richard Durrett has a radio show. It will be on from 11-3 and he is teaming with Ian from Gac, which means Galloway is looking for a new partner along with the one who likes to get a sun tan while laying out in the Rangers bullpen. He needs the sun.

Richard is a colleague of mine who has been covering the Rangers for…who knows, time flies when you’re having great laughs. But he is also a good friend, which is remarkable considering what he has had to put up with sitting next to me. Well, actually he doesn’t sit next to me, he paces back and forth behind me, which is very annoying and he knows it and relishes it.

So now, instead of being the fastest typist in the business – he retired that trophy long ago – he is going to talk about sports; the Ranger for sure but the other stuff as well including NASCAR, college sports, the Mavericks and the Stars. He’ll also talk about the Cowboys more than the 49ers but the less successful the team, the more fun you can have on the radio.

Check him out. He knows his stuff, especially when it comes to the Rangers or why a certain West Coast college basketball team keeps shooting itself by playing that big stiff. He is going to be good. I may tune in occasionally even if it means missing Johnny Rivers doing Summer Rain or Julie London singing Perfidia, and yes I’m past the half-century mark.

Go get ‘em Richard.



Well done. Again wonderful well wishes to Durette but at the same time poking fun at sports talk radio. Loved it.

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Ben J. Sexton

“…but it’s still hard to keep up with who’s coming and who’s going in that world.”

Seriously? The Musers and Rhyner have been there for 20 years…that’s half the shows. The other half (BaD radio and Norm) have been there around 15 years and 10 years.

Their worst show in the ratings are triple Galloway’s ratings. They’re not just a “success story”. They’re the most relevant radio program in the metroplex. Sounds like you’re just lazy


Girl From Ipanema …. long version

I quit listening to talk radio because all they talk about is the Cowboys. I mean, we’re in spring training of the greatest sport in the world, and they’re all talking about the Cowboys! To be fair, I live in Granbury, so most of the time, we can hardly hear 103.3 or 1310. So, it’s pretty much The Fan. But, I have a great CD collection, and can listen to my choice whenever I want. Dylan, Springsteen, The Beatles, Louis Armstrong, anyone from any era. And I don’t have to listen to people gripe about Jerry Jones.

I quit listening to Ben and Skin because they’re classic bullies. I’ll give the new guy a squiz on your say so but if all he can do is rant he’s history. At my age I don’t need any more ranting

Richard is going to do an awesome job!!!

When did the Ticket start talking sports again? Last time I listened for 15 minutes: 8 minutes of commercials and station promos, 2 minutes of sports talk and 5 minutes of talk that had absolutely nothing to do with sports.

Mariska Hargitay >>> Randy Galloway, for so many reasons.

I’ve always enjoyed Richard’s columns. If I were in DFW regularly I’d be checking this out.

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