Last Call from the Desert…McClellan on Lohse

KELY3306pHPhoto by Kelly Gavin

“What’s with this cold weather. I have never seen it so cold down here before. It’s like every day it’s freezing.”

Third baseman Adrian Beltre

Kyle McClellan was a teammate of Kyle Lohse for five years while they were with the Cardinals. He is surprised that Lohse is still unemployed.desert

“That whole thing is frustrating to me too,” Lohse said. “I know he’s frustrated. It’s frustrating for me because I know he’s good and what a good teammate he is. This guy is not the end of his career. He can help a boatload of Major League teams. I took a ton away from him as his teammate for the past five years. There’s no doubt he could help a team.”

The problem is that if a team signs Lohse, they lose their first-round draft pick if it’s not one of the top ten. That’s considered a factor in teams not wanting to sign Lohse and McClelland finds that to be dubious thinking.

“You’re talking about a guy who gives you 200 innings and 15 wins,” McClellan said. “There are a lot of first round pucks that don’t work out. This is a proven big league guy. I know he can pitch for a championship team. If not for him, I wouldn’t be wearing a World Series ring.”

Lance Berkman on the Rangers clubhouse: “It’s got a great feel. When you’re talking about players like Ian Kinsler, David Murphy, Adrian Beltre and Elvis, everybody brings something to the mix. I haven’t had any trouble coming in here and feeling right at home.”

Julio Borbon didn’t have to play the outfield on Sunday. On a cold windy day, Borbon was used as the Rangers designated hitter in a 7-5 loss to the Royals. But Borbon said being the designated hitter instead of trying run down fly balls in the high winds wasn’t that great either. Said Borbon, “It gets cold in that dugout. Very cold I have to go in the dugout and put my hands in hot water before I go up to hit.”

The Rangers were 1-for-15 with runners in scoring position on Sunday against the Royals and are 4-for27 through the first three games.

The cold and wind kept Beltre and Berkman from running the bases during batting practice and testing their strained calf muscles on Sunday.

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Lohse … OK. McClellan … not so sure with the soreness situation. Kind of forebodding for him. Too bad.

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