Nolan Ryan on Josh Hamilton, last year, this year

Club president Nolan Ryan met with the media this morning in Surprise. Among the things that he said was the Rangers will miss Josh Hamilton.

“When you talk about Josh, you don’t replace a talent like that. We all know that he brings a dimension to any ballclub that few players bring. It’s so unique and unusual, I can’t put any other player in that category.

On comments made by Hamilton earlier this week, “Josh is probably making an adjustment mentally and emotionally, being on a new ballclub, the way the season, all of those things he has to sort through being in a new organization, people asking him about leaving us and our relationship. Josh Hamilton had a big impact on our ballclub. We wouldn’t have gone to two World Series without us.”

On last season: “I was concerned about our ballclub in the second half. What I was seeing concerned me. I was hoping it would be temporary but it proved to be the trend in the second half. You can break down our season into two halves. The first half was what we were capable of doing, the second half we didn’t play to the level we expected. I just didn’t see the brand of baseball I’d like to see.”

On his expectations for the coming season: “I think we will be very competitive. I think we will compete for the division.


Nolan Ryan is a class act. Always has been, always will be.

Nolan Ryan can be depended upon to tell it like it is. That’s why when he says “unless there are 350 ABS for Profar he’s in AAA” we can believe him. Classy of him not to trash Hamilton.

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