Last Call From the Desert…Robbie Ross, Craig Gentry


“I had heard all the rumors about him from many people and I was kind of scared, but meeting him and talking to him, he’s a nice guy and he’s really comfortable to talk to and if I shook some of the signs, he was comfortable.”

Yu Darvish on working with A.J. Pierzynski

The Rangers ended each half-inning of Tuesday’s intrasquad game by setting up a bunt defense play. After three outs were retired, a bunt situation was set up to work on execution, both with the hitter and the defense.desert

It went well except for Robbie Ross hitting Craig Gentry with a pitch after his scoreless second inning.

“I’ll get him back,” Gentry said.

Like charging the mound?

“I thought about it,” Gentry joked. “No…no…Robbie is probably the nicest guy on the team. He probably threw it 79 miles per hour.”

Ross said he felt bad about it.

“I was like ‘Whoops,’” Ross said. “I let it up and just tried to lay it in there instead of just throwing it. I got it right into his leg. He’ll get me back.”

Pitching coach Mike Maddux on 5-foot-7 reliever Joe Ortiz: “He played winter ball so he might be ahead of the guys but he definitely brought his A game to camp.”

First baseman Mitch Moreland on Spring Training: “My family got here yesterday. That’s the most exciting thing so far.”

Angels general manager Jerry DiPoto on if he got the sense that Josh Hamilton was ready to leave Texas this winter: “That would be unfair for me to talk about his emotions and what he was feeling. What I sensed, sitting down and talking with Josh, even just the first time we sat down in Nashville, is that he was interested. He was interested in hearing what other opportunities might be out there. And I think that he’ll be the first one to tell you his heart was in Texas at the time, he spent a good deal of time there, the organization was great and helped him through a very unique transition in a player’s career.

“I don’t necessarily think there was any animosity there, but I think we hit the right chord. We were in a unique situation, as a team that has a chance to be very competitive in a market that was really attractive to Josh, with a ballpark, an ownership and weather patterns, you name it. It was a pretty good fit. I think everybody felt comfortable with it, and the rest is history.”

Intrasquad game today but rain is in the forecast, at least in the morning. Could be gone by first pitch.

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Opponents will be surprised how well the Rangers play this season & the great trade that they make later in the year. Let’s just say the Price is Right!

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