Last call from the Desert…This time let’s eat the bones

Another day in Disneyland…

“If I don’t feel right or if they don’t need me, I’m not going to go.”

Adrian Beltre on the World Baseball Classic

So Josh Hamilton has decided Dallas-Fort Worth is not a true baseball town, at least not when compared to Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia or New York, although it seemed pretty genuine when 50,000 fans were going nuts after the Rangers beat the Yankees on that magical October night in 2010 with a victory that sent them to the World Series.desert

Hamilton lifted the ALCS MVP trophy that night and was a hero for the masses, but that was long ago. Now he is with the Angels and will be back on April 5 for the home opener, only this time he will be there as the villain.

So apparently the big story is if everybody will boo Hamilton, and he says “true baseball fans” won’t but that’s really not how the way it works. Yes it would be great if Hamilton received a standing ovation when introduced in the pre-game ceremonies but it ain’t looking that way with the way this spring is going.

So let’s have a big healthy debate over whether North Texas is a “true baseball town” and await whatever else Hamilton has to say the rest of the spring.

“I don’t know what he was thinking,” Murphy said. “Obviously, he was a big voice around here for a long time and fans are probably going to take that seriously. This is very fresh, him coming off free agency and just signing with the Angels. You’ll have to ask him.”

There is one baseball tradition in Arlington that seems to be sacred. When a star player leaves to go elsewhere, the breakup is usually messy. Just don’t know any other way.

The Rangers have reached contract agreements with Wilmer Font, Roman Mendez, Alexi Ogando, Joe Ortiz, Martin Perez, Tanner Scheppers, Matt West, and Coty Woods and infielders Leury Garcia, Mitch Moreland, and Jurickson Profar.

One scout said non-roster pitcher Collin Balester has tremendous stuff if he can find a way to be consistent with his command.

Time to play some games and see who has what. Intrasquad today with Yu Darvish and Alexi Ogando pitching.


Toby, having a big healthy debate over whether any town is a “true baseball town”, or not, is somewhat akin to asking whether any particular religion is a “true religion”, or not. Ask a hundred people, you’ll get a hundred versions. It seems to me, Josh stills operates in an addict mentality. Blame everything on something else: the fans, caffeine, the devil, a troubled past, etc., and never take on self-responsibility. Should the fans boo Josh this April? I don’t think so. Should the fans have booed him last October? Well, given the putrid effort he gave, damned right.

Josh Hamilton, the guy with the million dollar body and the 10 cent head. Josh NOBODY REALLY CARES WHAT YOU THINK !!!!!
I am just glad that the rest of Ranger Nation finally sees what a fraud you really are. Will I BOO him when he comes back to town ? I really don’t get into all that …. And I have a feeling there will be a good number of Halo fans booing him by years end.
Josh will be highly motivated to play well early on, but the challenges of laying off sliders 2 ft outside, caffeine laced sports drinks and smokeless chewing tobacco will ulimately be Jethro Bodine 2.0’s down fall.

Tell us Jethro how many times does 2 GUZINTA 10 ?

I have been a Ranger fan since 1972, and been going to games since 1974. My son, born in 1979, and I have been going to games together since 1981. We will be at the second home game (almost impossible for us to get tickets to Opening Day any more). Damn right we’ll be booing Josh Hamilton. Not for signing with the Angels. He has the right to sign anywhere he wants. But for his comments after signing. Oh yes, and for the awful playing he did in Texas after May of last year. See, we are real baseball fans. And, we don’t forget, especially when a player tries hard…or doesn’t.

A part of Hamiltons comment is correct, however, while the Metroplex is a rookie in the Baseball Towns community one has to understand that the many years of Cowboys sucess, until the Jerry years, made a lot of fans. Now with the emergense of the Rangers successful years a lot of fans who feel that competitive spirit, have switched their , ” Need to suceed “, to the Yexas Rangers. However, the Rangers also have a hardcore of true fans who have stood with them through years and years of unsucessful years, I am one of those fans and will die a trueblueRangers fan..

Hamilton is off base and bitter with North Texas Fans, the Rangers fans are very passionate about their team, you don’t draw 3.5 million fans without that being the case.
Any MLB team outside of the New York Yankees would have to take a seat behind the Cowboys with regard to fan following. So I guess Angels Fans are not true Fans seeing that the Halos are no higher than 3rd on the sports totem pole in Los Angeles, behind the Lakers and the Dodgers,
This has nothing to do with the Fans being true or spoiled. This is about Hamiltons feelings being hurt late last season after the fans boo’d his lack of passion with which he played, and the childish way he handled the heat he received.

Take your thumb out of mouth and be a man Josh.

When Napoli returns, I will applaud him heartedly & a NAP-O-LI chant; If Michael returns, I will stand and applaud him heartedly. When Josh returns, I will neither boo nor cheer – he will receive silence which is all I feel he deserves.

Josh who? Said what? Seriously he’s right. This is not a baseball town. The Metroplex is a Sports Center. I guess something Josh hasn’t learned about yet is grace. I wish him the best and hope he can find a way to let go of the Metroplex. It seems that his feelings were hurt because the Rangers didn’t fall all over themselves to bring him back and we the fans didn’t appreciate his lackluster effort when it counted last year. I’m sure he’ll get over it. We have. Keep talking Josh. Wait until you see what this team brings this year. This is still a team here and the success here will outlast the Angels and your contract. Enjoy LA and how they will treat you as your skills begin to fade in the next 5 years. This year will be a big one for you because you have something to prove and you’ll be focused. 2014 likely won’t be so kind. Good luck buddy. To all Rangers fans: Silence during his appearances here would be golden. No boos, no claps, just silence.

I have been preaching the silence response to everyone I can. Deafening silence would be the absolutely best response to Josh, neither positive nor negative, just very appropriate.

I think there was some truth in what Josh Hamilton said. In this town he was accused by fans of Murder. He was constantly harrassed for his past life. He was even belittled because as a part of his Ranger contract the Rangers insisted on a minder. When he went into a slump people opinined he was back on drugs. Who needs that? Yes he was paid big money but for the most part he did what he was supposed to…any other opinion on the money is just envy on the part of those who wish they made more money. I’ll applaud him…just like I’ll applaud CJ or Olan or Pudge. They played good ball and did their part.

Fred, if you want to allow Mr Hamilton to define you as a sports fan I guess that’s your right, bet let’s stop short of painting hin as some innocent victom of an uneducated, spoiled fan base that simply doesn’t understand the game well enough to know how they should have reacted to his weekly and sometimes day to day meltdowns.
I suppose of course Rangers fans GOT IT for the 5 years that they supported him as he rebuilt his career, cheering him through good times and praying for him through bad times, because they loved him and wanted to see him beat the odds in dealing with his demons. We GOT IT then, but it strikes me as funny that we as fans stopped getting at about the same time that Hamilton stopped caring about anybody not named Josh Hamilton.
We got it when we stood by him when he went into a Arizona Bar and allowed women to drink shots ( camera in hand ) of the his half naked body.
WE GOT IT when we stood by him after he chose to go into Sherlocks and tie one on.
WE GOT IT when we stood by him after the horrible ball tossing incident in 2011 ( not that it was Josh’s fault ) but Rangers fans put their arms around Josh after these and other incidents.
And now he is qualified to judge you as a sports fan. Fred if you want to let Josh define you as a baseball fan you go right ahead, but allow him to define YOU alone because Rangers fans have poured their hearts out to Josh Hamilton for 5 years and didn’t receive as much as a thank you when he bolted for Los Angeles. Josh has not accepted responsibility anything that happened last season. it would be fitting if your applause was the only applause he receives when he returns. You will then be able to join Josh as the only ones in the park who actually gets it.

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