Last Call from Surprise…Knuckleballs, Ian Kinsler


Leftovers on a Sunday:

“Before I threw it, I thought I was going to have a season like R.A. Dickey. But after I threw it, I gave it up.”

Yu Darvish, who surprised everybody by throwing a knuckleball during his bullpen session on Sunday.

Derek Holland is staying busy when he is not working out. A baseball card company has contracted with him to provide autographs for 1,500 cards. Holland signs a sticker that will later be attached to a card.

There are 52 stickers on a piece of paper

“I can’t look at these too long because it kills my eyes,” Holland said.desert

It’s kind of like Bart Simpson writing on the blackboard in school at the start of every Simpson’s episode.

“I once had to write, ‘I will not talk in class,’ 300 times,” Holland said. “I had to do it in a notebook. I didn’t do it the first time so they had to call my home.”

Holland said in third grade he was once punished when the teacher drew a circle on the blackboard and made him stand there with his nose inside the circle. He wasn’t allowed to move.

“I was being obnoxious,” Holland said. “I was a pain in the….That was fun.”

The weather has been great so far this spring but that may change. There is a 50 percent chance of rain for Wednesday, which is when the Rangers are scheduled to play their second Intrasquad game. Sunshine is still expected for Monday and Tuesday.

Second baseman Ian Kinsler on Spring Training, “It’s constant work in baseball. It’s every day. You really have to come to the field every day with a daily goal. You can’t set a goal for the end of Spring Training or the end of April. It has to be a daily thing where you are constantly working on something and constantly trying to fine-tune it.

You talk with guys you trust on your team who will tell you the truth if you’re doing it wrong or doing it right, regardless of what the result is whether it’s batting practice or you’re taking ground balls. That’s something you really get out of this clubhouse. You basically tell someone what you’re working on and they’ll watch for you.”

David Murphy on the games getting started later this week, “It’s fun to get out there, run around, throw the ball around and hit, but in the end we’re here to compete.”


Photos! Yes!

I wonder if the knuckleball is a serious pitch for Yu…doesn’t he already have 7 different?

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