Last call from the Desert: Alexi Ogando


20130216_113858Leftover from Saturday afternoon

“The handcuffs are off and the ankle chains are off. Let’s see what you can do,”

Manager Ron Washington to his team, wanting them to run the bases with abandon this season.

Manager Ron Washington has been watching Alexi Ogando throw in the bullpen to see how he’s coming with his changeup. That’s a crucial pitch for Ogando is he wants to be successful as a starter after relying mainly on a fastball and slider as a reliever.

“He’s thrown some good ones and some bad ones,” Washington said. “It’s a matter of repetition and working consistently to get the right arm slot. Once he gets the grip and the arm slot, the arm action will take care of itself.”

The Rangers also want Ogando to pitch more inside to hitters this season as a starter.

“He can use the outside part of the plate consistently,” Washington said. “To get hitters off of that, he’s got to be able to come inside.”

Matt Harrison, on pitching live batting practice to Minor League hitters: “The last time the hitters knew what was coming. Today the catcher was calling pitches…big difference.”

David Murphy on Josh Hamilton, “You can’t replace Josh Hamilton. There are only a few players like him in the game. But we still have a solid lineup. You don’t always need a superstar to win. Adrian Beltre is the best third baseman in baseball. He is our superstar. Our lineup from one to nine doesn’t have any holes. I am excited about what we could be this year.”



I am projecting that David Murphy himself is going to set up as a superstar many times this year!

Love the murph !!

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