Profar not playing in WBC

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said infielder Jurickson Profar has chosen not to play in the World Baseball Classic. Profar was on the provisional roster for the Netherlands team as a native of Curacao. Profar has told the Rangers that he would prefer to remain in big league camp and try to make the team. He should get plenty of playing time because Elvis Andrus is planning to play for Venezuela.



I’ve never understood why a Pro would play the amateur game….this close to Spring Training….and risk getting hurt. Why?

This is one of the things that seperates Profar from other prospects, his approach to the game cannot be questioned , on the other hand look at what Engel Beltre does when faced with the same set of circumstances. With the Cruz thing looming, and Engel clearly having a chance to step up in Nellies absence, he decides to participate in WBC action rather take advantage of an opportunity, Dutch you said you wanted to follow in Harry’s footsteps, but Harry turned the WBC down while you were just thrilled at the thought of going, its the ability to make sound decisions consistently along with dedication and talent Which sets Profar apart from other really good tools oreinted prospects.

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