Thursday morning…Bourn, Lohse not happening

The Braves are acquiring outfielder Justin Upton from the Diamondbacks. The Rangers haven’t talked to the Diamondbacks since making one final offer earlier this month.

Industry sources said Thursday the Rangers don’t expect to sign either free agent pitcher Kyle Lohse or outfielder Michael Bourn. The Rangers have been rumored to be favorites to land one or the other. They have been in talks with Scott Boras, who represents both.

But the word on Thursday morning is the Rangers are not going after Lohse or Bourn. They showed considerable restraint on Josh Hamilton and Zack Greinke so they don’t plan on over-reacting to players they have been lukewarm on since the off-season began.

The Rangers like their club, they have a chance to let some young players show what they can do and they have the resources to get a player they really like if the situation arises, like it did with Cliff Lee in 2010.

So don’t expect the Rangers to sign Lohse or Bourn…

That’s where it stands today.



Thanks, TR. I admire the Rangers for their restrant and focus in making prudent decisions and not just reacting to the moves of others. I like the deals that they have been made this off-season and with the players that we currently have. Spring training should be an exciting time!

Stay focus on your young guys. Don’t get caught up in guys that have to be relieved after making it to first base.

Well looks like the rangers and astros will be fighting for last place.. Thanks JD

How are we going to score runs?

BPIA is perfect for Bourn. LH hitter with outfield gaps to drop singles into. Wash would love to let him lead off, get on and run. That drops Kins to the 2 hole, where he’d fare much better. Plus, Bourn could cover the gaps well when playing D. TEX doesn’t seem so sure about Leonys; so if the market for Bourn gets soft enough that a 1-2 year deal could be had, I hope the Rangers will pounce!

I believe that you are correct in your analysis of the Bourn and what he could mean to this lost of power offense this year. But do the Rangers think so…?? They know this team needs to learn to play small ball to win, but that is not one of Washington’s strong suits… that is one the main reasons he can not beat a national league team in a series… They need Boune, and for more than 1yr trail run….

I’m looking forward to seeing the youngsters. Why collect good young players if you’re not going to play them?

Ditto on excited about spring training to see who is ready to take advantage of opportunity. Hope Wash understands it’s time to play some youngsters. I also like
the idea of Bourn on a two year deal if he gets desperate.

Ticket prices should be lower!

I think this Upton deal with ATL just goes to show what a blithering idiot this Towers guy really is. The Rangers made a stronger play the J UP, but Towers opts for a lasser package
1 year of Prado before he bolts for Free Agency + Delgado / Grimm, Spruill / Tepish , Ahmed / L Garcia, Drury / Robinson.
I’m sorry but that’s a bad trade for AZ. The Ranger reportedly offered Olt,Perez/Buckel , L Garcia and a lower level prosect. Mendez,Lu Jack,Guzman type and were rebuffed. Towers has now traded away 2 substantial talents ( Bauer , Upton ) this off season and gotten a Bag full magic beans in return, while Rangers fans fill up message boards to complain about the off season that JD is having,
It could be worse, he could be having the off season the KT is having.

Yes Sir, I do believe that you are definitely correct. I believe that Az team DID NOT want to trade with Tex anyways because we turned down their request for either Profhar or Elvis.. But the trade turned to be lesser…. plain Stupid…

I believe that the Rangers are putting too much confidence in their present team. Most of these guys are good, not great, and to let someone get away that you definitely need, because you did not want to give away an extra good young prospect, & you have the best farm system in the majors and no signs of that going down, is ridiculous!!!! This current team can produce, but no where like the teams in the past. Maybe we Rangers have gotten spoiled that we expect greatness now, because we had gotten it in the past. I believe the Rangers brain-trust must figure out a way to do something before or during the season to improve their line-up! Right now it is NOT a treat to anyone in its own division (beside newly Astros), better than the rest of the league… They will not be able to compete with teams like, SF, Atl, Cinn, Wash, Det, LA D or LA A, Oak, the whole American east..

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