Now playing second…Ian Kinsler

The Rangers introduced Lance Berkman at a press conference Monda night. At the press conference, general manager Jon Daniels said that Ian Kinsler will remain at second and Mitch Moreland at first. Jurickson Profar will likely be at Triple A unless something unforeseen happens. The Rangers don’t want him serving as a little-used utility player. Berkman’s primary role will be as designated hitter but he hopes to work into shape well enough to play first base or outfield if needed.



I’m down. Would still like a righthanded option that could play first or DH in place of Moreland or Berkman against LHP – maybe they can pry away Napoli from his deal-in-limbo with Boston.

This dumb, the main reason they traded Young as to let the young guys grow & get more playing time. LET THE KID PLAY!!!

He will play…at Triple-A.

We don’t have at-bats for our franchise icon but we have room for an Astro icon? Looks like Daniels was just saying something for an excuse for trading Young. Either Olt and Profar, Martin are ready or we were being duped.

I am extremely happy that Ian is staying at 2B & Mitch is at 1st. There is nothing any more exciting than watching Ian and Elvis do their magic! Moreland is going to have an awesome year!

No, this kid and the Olt kid need to come up again this year for a glass of tea in September after we are eliminated.

@joel berkman is a switch hitter he would bat right against LHP

This is a real head scratcher to me.
You let Hamilton, Napoli, Uehara, Adams, Feldman, Oswalt, Dempster and Lowe walk, then trade Face, you have several young and very talented kids who are big league ready ,needing only an opportunity to play, and you panic by bringing in an aging 37 year old who is several years beyond his prime, AND pay him 11 mil to take at bats from Olt and Profar in what should have been a transitional year , I just don’t get it.
Purely from a Philosophical standpoint, WHAT THE HAY ARE THEY DOING OUT THERE ???? ( If we wanted to go with aging Veterans we could have kept the ones we had !!!! )
After they lost out on (OR chose not to retain) the players mentioned above, I think it was time to then trust your highly touted farm system, which they’ve been bragging about for years,and they bring this guy in,
I can understand AJP, he represents a significant upgrade over what we ran out last year, but bringing Berkman in at 11 mil, under these circumstances makes no sense at all.
Perhaps we should have used the 2012 Oakland A’s as examples for what can happen when talented young players have an Organization willing to believe in them enough to do more than just talk about how good they project to be in 3 or 4 years.

Signing Berkman doesn’t do anything for the future, but it may be helpful in the very short term – next year. I would lobby for packlaging Andrus and Cruz for a front line pitcher or top centerfielder, and let Profar and Olt play short and right field. In the
alternative, a year at triple A for them wouldn’t be dissaster.

I don’t know about all of that, but I sure would feel better hearing Justin Upton is coming. I really think that if JD can pull it off without losing Profar, we’ll all feel a lot better. Patience.

I like it, getting an extra year of control for Profar is huge.

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