Merry Christmas from Toby


Here is Toby’s Christmas wish to all the readers at the Elysian Fields—13Q0g


Ruff, ruff, Toby! Hope you found great chew toys and treats in your Christmas stocking!

He got switches and coal… WestTxRangersFan… thank you very much for being such a great supporter of the blog and site…. Merry Christmas

I am not really buying in on the switches and coal… I can recognize a good dog person by just seeing how Toby regards you. Dogs are the best judge of people. Happy New Year!

happy new year to you both from myrtle beach ,love your christmas epic ,the only problem is that JD ,could not read it .it seems that he has transmuted into a bear his hibernation state should end about april 19 th when we will fighting HOUSTON to stay out of last place .we saw the young talent come through here ,some are not that special and the good youngs ones will thrown in the arena against the best of baseball,we can see how that will turn out physically and hopefully not nentally……….. ,what is the problem down there it can’t be the money (with the big tv contract kicking in ).we see no ALBERT’S,TROUT’S HAMILTON’S and as far as pitching we seem realy thin.up here in the minors ( A ,A+)….Is this the way NR is going to revamp the rangers by booting out JD and WASH. next year .because of the rangers poor performance ? .dowe have a salary cap… the old saying goes YOU CAN’T BRING A JACKASS TO THE KEN,DERBY AND EXPECT TO WIN.

I believe you may be on the wrong blog… this is Toby’s blog. Toby is a dog – the 4 legged variety. He is very handsome, sweet and loves Rangers baseball, but he is a dog nonetheless.

A Happy New Year to you!

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