Rangers agree to deal with Pierzynski

The Rangers have agreed to a one-year deal with catcher A.J. Pierzynski, pending a physical, according to an industry source. Pierzynski will undergo the physical tomorrow. Pierzynski comes in with a chance to be the Rangers No. 1 catcher ahead of Geovany Soto.


Welcome to Texas, AJ!

The circus? You folks just picked up the smartest player in baseball. The so called trouble that seems to follow him is because he seems to be a step or 2 ahead of everyone else on the field. He was a GREAT White Sox player and a great man around town. He will be totally missed in Chicago. Good luck AJ, even when you play the Sox!!!

Yikes……let the circus begin, I guess.

AJ can hit but he can’t catch, Soto’s has great upside over him

Chance to be the number 1? I would say he is most definitely the number 1.

Good sign by the Rangers. I couldn’t imagine seeing Soto as the everday catcher as he hit .196 last year. Glad that’s not gonna happen anymmore.

AJ can’t catch? Are you kidding me with the White Sox he caught 2 perfect game a few no hitters how can you say he can’t catch?Soto came from the Cubs he is used to be second to everyone else! AJ you will be greatly missed here in Chicago by your fans!

Awesome! Welcome to Texas AJ!

As a White Sox fan I am so broken right now. I am hurt and feel cheated . AJ is a great great player .Not just because of his stats but because of the man, the player he is . I have a second favorite team in Rangers now . Rangers fan you guys are getting something special .

We are thrilled that he is a Ranger now and will take very good care of him. We know what is like to lose a very special player in Michael Young.

good move for texas.. need to get power hitting outfielder still though as must move!!

Good deal for the Rangers…especially on a one year deal. Welcome to Arlington A.J.!

Don’t really know how to feel about this one. Still think we shoulda gone with Nap, but I guess it could be worse and we coulda signed Russell Martin. Hopefully AJ will just shut up and play ball instead of running his mouth and acting like the player that everyone outside of Chicago hates…. :\

though my allegiance is with the Chi White Sox, I will be rooting for Texas now that they signed AJ. I am sure there are thousands of White Sox fans with an empty feeling in their hearts now that AJ is gone, and a one year contract ta boot. Mr. Reinsdorf, really!!!! ..

Good luck AJ!

Whoa !!!! I never knew that AJP was held in such high regard by Sox fans, it really means a lot when fans are saddened when a players leaves, it really says a lot about the man as well as the player.

Welcome to Texas AJP.

Welcome to Texas AJP, looking forward to your game. Shake this bunch up a little and lets win a world series in 2013!

One year, well done front office

AJ will be greatly missed in Chicago. Despite issues early in his career he was an excellent teammate, player and leader for the White Sox. One of the smartest players in baseball and one of the most competitive. Will hate to see him in another uniform but that is baseball.

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