Hamilton talks about Texas

This is from Alden Gonzalez, the MLB.Com beat writer for the Angels, and Hamilton talking about the Rangers.

Still, many figured Hamilton would go back to Texas. It was his home for the last five years, the city where he finally reached his potential and the organization that took a chance on him. But the Rangers had said all along that they were going to let the market play out for Hamilton first, with the expectation that he’d circle back to them and give them a chance to match an offer.

That didn’t happen.

“Looking at it now, I think it’s a blessing in disguise,” Hamilton said. “I gave [the Rangers] everything I had for five years. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me a little bit that they didn’t put the press on.

“The relationships I created in Texas, I love [manager Ron Washington], I loved spending time with him, talking to him. There’s no reason I can’t be in the offices with [Mike] Scioscia over here, spending time with him, talking to him, picking his brain — he’s got a lot of knowledge about the game and I’m sure life as well. And just creating relationships. It’s pretty cool when a new chapter of your life begins and it’s exciting. I started off with the Devil Rays, now I’m an Angel. It’s pretty cool.”


I watched. I was extremely disappointed he did not even mention his teammates nor his fans. Albert Pujols even had the courtesy to when he had his conference last year. Perhaps former teammates and fans are of no importance to Josh. Hope he and CJ are BFF’s.

Agree. Josh and Katie couldn’t have shown less class, and in their introductory news conference to the LA media and fans. She’s talking about the Rangers letting him date other people and you “should of put a ring on it?” Are you kidding me? This is what? ten months removed from him getting drunk and boinking a chick in a bar bathroom? What a skank.

He’s all about money. Look at the way he exploits his religion to sell cheap merchandise.

“I gave them all I had for 5 years” “It bothered me they didn’t put a press on.” He gave all he felt like. He doesn’t consider the team’s position at all. It always all about Josh.

He seems to forget what the Rangers did for him,,,he gave all thew had the first half of each year certainly not the last half… enough Josh already… Good Riddance whiner

You folks are missing the point. CJ was treated like shit, Pudge was treated the same way when he left. The way SALTY was treated is truly unbelievable, and the world will never know.

Katie seems to be the only person with Cajones here. People want to be treated with common decency, which does not appear to be in this GM’s business model once a player is deemed gone.

“What goes around, comes around.” J boy its your turn.

when it’s over turn it loose. seems the only ones that are upset are Josh, Katie, and a few soreheads that do not realize the value of a dollar. sounds like CJ last off season………..

CJ was a bad presence in the locker room because he had a “don’t give a crap attitude.” We didn’t feel like what the Angels offered him was a good investment for us, and I agree. He wasn’t going to sign here anyway. As for Pudge; are we supposed to keep him on the team at millions of dollars a year until he’s 50? I doubt he’d say he had an unpleasant time here. Salty was a terrible player here, regardless of how he may be playing now, so I don’t get that one. Did Josh treat his own wife, Katie, with any decency when he cheated on her? Maybe it only appears she has cajones because if she’s going to look like an idiot to the public and allow her “born again Christian” husband to cheat on her and indulge, she wants to get paid?

Wish Josh and his family all the best. In terms of baseball value, he earned every penny he received in Texas. The only certain thing in life is change. Move on.

John Daniels and Nolan Ryan are decent people and honorable businessmen. In business as in baseball, even the best fail at times. The Rangers organization will be fine.

Interesting the “class” shown by those claiming others are classless. Irony.

Josh, you gave it all you had did you ??
NFL player play a much more physcally demandind sport and do so with concussions,strains and fractures all the time, you have to convince them that they are healthy enough to play, and this PANTY WEIGHT takes 8 games off in the middle of a playoff run because OD’ing on energy drinks. I’d hate what he does when he’s half stepping.
He’s a mouse trapped in a lions body.
And Why was there nodody there to kill the volume on Katies mike when she started running off at the mouth ? And who put a mike in front of her anyways ? Katie nobody cares about what you think about it !!

Good luck Josh, now you can go be a pain in somebody else’s backside.

Agreed … what about the last month of the season, Josh? You checked out early.

Hamilton will get just what he deserves. When he comes up with some lame a$$ excuse why he sucks for a week or two then the Angles’ fans can see what they really have in him. When he strikes out on 3 pitches that the catcher can barely reach and the turn and smile – the Angles’ fans can think “what a great find”! AND when in the last two or three years at $25 mm he breaks down – then you can see what kind of “star” he really is.

Hamilton showed his loyalty the last 45 days of last season. He should not have been aloud to play the last two week of the season. Hamilton is the reason they did not make the playoffs. One person does not make a team. They ae locked at third and shortsop. Oakland gave one young man a chance last season and look what he did for them. It is Washington’s job to put the pieces together. Rangers have a great youg group of players and we need to support them.

I believe that the only thing I’m miffed about is that they are playing off of the “praying” theme. Why can’t someone pray and stay for less money? See King Albert the year before that, what did he do? “I prayed” and “God, told me to go for the extra 40 million”. I mean, c’mon, let’s be realistic, if you or I get a new job we’re not just going to tell everyone “I prayed” and then went for it because I thought it was a good “change” only. We’ll say, “they wanted to pay me 10K a year more, that’s why I went”, I think in the end if Josh would’ve said that, “I wanted more money than the Rangers were willing to risk”, we all would’ve respected it. It might’ve fed the perception that greed is what drives the players and players unions to make the contracts for bigger and bigger, but that is a dog for another fight.
In the end I would like some honesty. But, let’s also remember that the Angels were crowned WS champs in 2012 and we know where that went. Josh does like to take “mental vacations” during the year and if Albert and him are on that same vacation it doesn’t bode well for them. I believe in the end that it will come down to pitching, don’t believe me? look at this years WS champs – that is this years Rangers line up. :)
I’m glad we were’nt as irresponsible as our government and making dumb moves that are being made in the Los Angeles Baseball market this year.

Hamster is as talented as anyone that you will find on 2 legs, some consider him the rare 5 tool player, 28 hr and 143rbi are very real numbers, which must be accounted for.
But his excess baggage began to weigh the team down late last season.
I really don’t think any team could have maintain the focus and energy needed to compete at a championship level dealing with Josh’s issue after issue after issue.
He has top of the scale Talent, but bottom of the scale character, don’t believe the character comment ? You have Josh’s troubled past as exibit A, you have his ending his Rangers career 2 months before the end of the 2012 season as exibit B.
It just gets to the place where you have to ask yourself, does he produce enough on the field to justify putting up with all the crap ?
If the answer is no, let him walk and continue with your program.
Paying 125 mil for 31 year old outfielders is for teams that can’t evaluate talent at the Major league level and can’t develope talent at the minor league level, neither apply to the Rangers, both apply to the Angels.
If the want to pay everybody 125 mil,let them,
Ask the 2012 Marlins how throwing money around helped them win a WS.

43 hr and 128rbi

Josh Hamilton is all about money. He failed the Rangers and he’ll fail the Angels. It’s a pity when that happens to someone. He had so much potential.

Very nice Josh and Katie, so you start your presser off by expressing gratitude to the Angels organization for writing you a big check, but I never crossed your minds to speak a few words of gratitude to millions of Texas Rangers fans who loved you and wrapped their arms around you at the lowest point of your life, you said screw the Rangers for not making you their top off season priority, and only coming back to him after missing out on other targets.

JOSH, THE ANGELS DIDN’T MAKE YOU THEIR TOP PRIORITY EITHER !!!!!!!! They just came back to you after they missed out on other targets as well.
Jason Garret made a very poignant statement at a recent presser. When asked how he was able to keep the team together and focused on the job at hand in spite of the tragedy they’ve indured ?

Garrett: that’s why you have to have the right type of guys on your team, because adversity will surely come, and it takes players with a high degree of character to succeed in adversity.
The Rangers will ultimately be better off without Hamilton and his wife as well as all the varied and sundried issues that follow them as they go.
I truly believe he may be thankful to the Rangers fans who supported him over the past 5 years, but I also believe that he was so blinded by the dollars signs involved with his new contract that he honestly forgot to say O’H and thanks to all of the Rangers fans who supported me these past 5 years, only thinking to do so nearly a week after signing.

Josh you say you are a Christian, but have you never read. Luke 17: 11 – 19 ?

When did he say anything about thanking the fans? I must have blinked and missed that. I was most disappointed that he never mentioned his team mates in the self proclaimed ‘eloquent’ Josh & Katie ‘acceptance speech’.

Pretty much feel the same moved to Irving back in 70′ after tour in Nam, then time at Ft. Hood….X and I and oldest daughter now 41 went to 1st ever Ranger game at old turnpike stadium w/ tickets from Co. I worked for at that time Link-Belt, now L-B FMC- Ted Williams was Mgr. and they came from DC as the Washington Senators…..Feel like I’ve easily paid my dues as a Ranger fan and also have best friend who’s family (The Nichols) were partners in the firm that built the old ballpark and then refurbished it later…was a the “Nickle Beer Night” fight with Cleveland….Mr. Cosell was calling game and totally freaked at what had happened before his very eyes….ENOUGH SAID…..after Josh showed his ASS during the off season in 2011-2012 by saying, and I qoute- “I don’t OWE the TEAM or the Fans anything, I’ve given My all to Texas & the Fans”…..Well that is Bullshit, excuse My language, but that, after playing many sports in My life, My favorite being BaseBall and always will be- TURNED MY TEXAS RANGER STOMACH, IT MADE ME SICK…….So to YOU mr. hamilton (just couldn’t push capitals buttons)- NAH NAH NAH NAH GOODBYE and don’t forget “what goes arounmd comes around”…..Oh by the way do the angels have a babbysitter for josh? and how much did that COST The Rangers….what a JOKE….and by the way Josh….pick up the Old & New Testaments and read them for yourself….oh don’t forget to read Revelations Too……”Born Again” what a farce, that’s not a good thing to be a phony when it comes to YOUR PERSONAL FAITH….The Lord & His Father know WHO Believes and those that don’t…can you handle that mr hamilton??? KISS OFF

Hear, hear. Well said! (Especially the bit about im exploiting his faith)

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