Hamilton departs for Angels

Josh Hamilton is going to the Angels. The Rangers thought they would get last chance but they did not. They were informed Thursday that Hamilton will now be one of their opponents in the American League West.


A classless move by Josh? What a surprise…

Blessings come in all forms. We just need to pitch to him in the dirt.

Is it official now ?
We are in rebuild mode ?

Not a problem…Rangers weren’t going 5 years anyway which is a good decision. Thanks for some great Ranger Memories Josh!

J.H. did great things here; fun to watch. But in the end, he was occasionally hard to take.
Time to move on, but with alot less options. Time for the front office to shine.

The Angels are going to turn into the Red Sox with all of those bad contracts. I’m a big Josh Hamilton fan, but I thought that he was turning into a prima donna towards the end. So now he is goes to LA to make his movie. I hope his eyes will allow him to look into the camera. I still think Texas will be just fine. They just have to retool, and I think are still a contender to win the west. They’ll definitley have a different, more athletic look.

I think we will be just fine too but sure would like some words of encouragement from the Rangers FO reminding us of how good we still are :) I look forward to Gentry at CF, Moreland full time at 1st….. I just hope the Angels get the 2nd half Josh and not the April/May Josh!

That was a fair price to pay. We should have matched that offer.
Good luck Josh.

Well it is official, the rangers blow another off season. Please inform sales to quit harassing me to renew my season tickets. You have a record tv contract, record attendance and still look like a fat girl on prom night… Alone. You raised ticket prices and sold us a bill of goods about a perennial contender, are you lowering prices now that you have slashed half the payroll? I doubt it.

I’m a long time fan of the Rangers….I dislike the negativity from those negative nellies that seem to crop up all year long. I’m a big backed of Jon Daniels and NOlan Ryan but I think they blew this one.

Thanks for the memories Josh. We lost some fan favorites recently.

So we lost Hamilton, Young, Napoli and Dempster and got. 2 relievers from the Durham Bulls, some catcher from Canada and Brandon Snyder!!!!! Great job by Rangers front office. As a life long Rangers fan i’ve never been so upset.

thanks robert, spelled it out better than i could

rangers front office sucks as always way to go rangers

how could yall let this all happen you were suppose to be scouting more talent not losing talent

Maybe it’s just me….but I seem to see a trend…front office unable to keep talented players. If we have such a wealth of talent in our farm system, why aren’t some traded…because they sure aren’t playing! Wash can only do so much…very disappointed on last two years and all the misses…and they weren’t even near misses!

It was time for Hamilton to go. I loved having him here, but he’s now the Angel’s headache, and I look forward to booing him in RBIA. Based on his play down the stretch, his contact rate, and his history of injuries, there is no way he should have been offered 5 years. His numbers will take a huge hit with him playing most of his games on the west coast. Don’t count out the front office. There is a ton of tradable talent and a lot more fanancial flexibility. Only pessimistic fans have given up on the upcoming season.

i was amazed at how fast the texas fans turned on josh. booing him, please, how soon we forget. good luck josh. i will still wear my 32 jersey.

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