Greinke wasn’t thrilled about the Ballpark in Arlington

Zack Greinke wasn’t too thrilled about the opportunity to pitch at the Ballpark in Arlington. That seemed to be a big reason why he chose the Dodgers over the Rangers.

Greinke, at a press conference on Tuesday, told MLB.Com’s Alden Gonzalez, “It was one negative for Texas, but it’s not the only thing that made a decision. It’s my natural way of pitching to throw four-seamers and just throw it, instead of focusing so hard on keeping the ball down and making it sink. ”

Greinke said to came down to the Rangers and Dodgers, “Along the way, there was a lot of teams, but in the end, it was just those two. At one point, I was favoring Texas, but that changed at the end.”

His agent, Casey Close, also brought up the Ballpark, “I think it was A factor, but I’m not sure it was THE factor. I think that he felt like he’s been able to pitch in a number of different parks and adjusted to Milwaukee and felt like he could do the same in texas if that’s where he ended
up playing. ”

As far as the Dodgers vs. the Rangers, Close said, “Texas was very competitive right ‘til the end. He had a lot of great choices in front of him, and ultimately he decided this was where he wanted to play. But they were very competitive and they did a great job, as well, in the whole
recruiting process of Zack.”



No cigar, but don’t know that Rangers really needed to pay the price for that cigar in the first place.

Not too disappointed about losing out on Greinke…more disappointed about losing out on Shields.

I agree.

Not disappointed at all about the Greinke thing. 145 mil for 6 years ?
The Rangers probably need to look at the posting system and player development for pitching,
pitchers all not in love with the idea of pitching in the 107 degree heat of hitter friendly RBPIA. And I think its reasonable to say that JD ( based on his dealings in the DR ) will not be winning any popularity contest’s within the MLB GM community any time soon.

I just don’t think other GM’s are breaking down our door with sweet deals, but would rather go around Daniels if at all possible.
Recently we’ve seen the team focus on adding high upside talent ( with middle of the batting order potential) to our minor league system. Its time to shift our focus to pitchers with TORP profiles
Also we may need to look at aquiring lesser known pitchers who have the potential to pitch at the TORP, and bring them along.
Bud Norris and Danny Duffy come immediately to mind. Remembering that the Josh Hamilton,Michael Young ,Nelson Cruz trades were not viewed as being big ticket trades at the time.

JD is going to have to be very inventive in his efforts to ad TORP pitching if hopes to do so without drastically over paying for that pitching. There are only so many YU’s out tthere.

Not so sure I buy the the ball park angle; keep looking – there’s something

Rangers were saved from their own mistake by a larger Dodger mistake…………

I wouldn’t call myself disapointed about this.

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