Young deal ready to go down

Michael Young’s time with the Rangers appears to be over. Industry sources are indicating that the trade could go down today with Young accepting a move to the Phillies. Young is the Rangers all-time leader in multiple categories but he is headed for Philadelphia.



Man. I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present.

Say what you will, Young needed to move on but I just got a rush of all the things he has done with the Rangers. It is a bittersweet day for Ranger fans and Young, all the best Mikey you were a great Ranger.

I watched every game. He started pulling off the ball badly, jumping early to try to catch up to the fastball. His butt stuck out badly as he repeatedly had to reach for the pitches on the outer half, resulting in hundreds of weak grounders to short and third base. He all but abandoned his pure right-field stroke until late in the year. Washington slotted him 5th in the order (IDIOTIC!!!) and Young tried to justify his place in the order by trying to hit for power he doesn’t possess. He has no range at third base, and hands of stone now that he is 37. Phillies fans better get the boo-ing vocal chords warmed up, because they are going to be using them repeatedly on Young. Best guess is you will release him by late June

you sir are correct, and it’s not his fault. when the reflexs go because of age, they do not return. phils will see early what a mistake this was.

I’m a Phillies fan. Is he washed up or did he just have an off year? What about his defense at 3rd base? He seems like a great guy in the clubhouse so he should fit right in with the Phillies who also have a team of good guys like the Rangers

young’s solid. chance to put up 200 hits every year especially if he’s playing everyday again. they are simply needing to save some money so they can get their future plans going. win-win.

His defense at 3B will kill you. Absolutely sphinx-like. Bat speed diminished radically last year along with plate discipline. But I love the guy…wish he’d retire before embarrassing himself.

Joey, his skills have diminished greatly over the past few years, however he could still be a useful piece if used correctly, the problem here is that Washington wanted him out there 155 games and he clearly is not that guy anymore.
Defensively he is a statue that Wash fits with a glove in hopes of the ball miraculously landing in its web,
At the plate, his power has been sapped by a lack of bat speed.
However,he does have a heart of a champion, and you can never count a guy like that out. It wouldn’t surprise me if he went to Philli and had a great season for them. If for no ther reason than to prove JD wrong. He no longer fit here because of a wealth of young,talented,,cheap players coming up through the ranks and needing to get on the field.
Phillies fans need to understand they are not getting 2007 Michael Young.


I don’t know your roster situation so I can’t say whether this is a bad move for the Phillies. What I can tell you is that Young is a bad infielder and there’s good reason to believe that he’ll continue to be a bad hitter. I can’t see how having him as your everyday 3rd baseman is a good thing. His proper role would be as a part time utility guy and platoon hitter.

I tip my hat to you Michael Young, I wish you nothing but the best and thank you for years of being a shining example of what a professional should be.

Michael Young…IMO the best Ranger ever. Sad day if this happens but know it’s time. Very glad that he controls his destiny on this…if he wants to stay with the Rangers accept a reduced utility role…if he wants to play full-time go somewhere else. If he goes, very happy for him that the Phillies are a contender.

Michael Young will be missed. I bet he bounces back in Philly with his bat. However he is Paul Molitor now and that’s not a bad thing.

Greg, I hope you are a Phillies fan, cause no real baseball or Ranger fan would say that about a multi-time All Star and future Hall of Famer.

Sad to see MY leave but its for the best…he was and still is a Ranger regardless of where he finishes his career…He is the epitome of a professional and I would hope that my son would grow up to be just like him…Good Luck MY, Ranger fans tip our hat!

Great guy in the room, from what I understand, butcher in the field, as he’s slowed down greatly, but definitely has the potential at the plate…this move will most likely rejuvenate him for a year or two, at least at the plate. It’s time for the Rangers to see what we’ve got with the kids we have…

I am so sad. He is our Ranger Man.

Hope Phillies play in Texas this year…may be all time record standing ovation on his first at bat. But like others have said, if he wants to play regularly, time for him to move on. Hard to determine my exact feelings today if he is truly gone.

Thanks for all the replies guys. Yeah, the Phillies will try to use him as their every day 3b but seeing the comments about his defense they will probably sub him out of games late for a defensive replacement. We have a young infielder Freddy Galvis who is all glove no stick that could be used if the Phillies are ahead to take Young out of close games. I guess they will also use Young at 1b if he can play there to give Ryan some days off against tough left handed pitchers.

I think you guys are going to get Greinke and the Phils still might make a run at Josh Hamilton as they have about 25-30 still available to spend this winter.

Its all because of you
I’m feeling sad and blue
You went away
And now today is just is just a rainy day
But in reality
Staying here could never be
cause you took your skills away from me

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