The Last Update

The last word is that the trade is still awaiting the approval of the Commissioner’s Office. That approval is not forthcoming on Saturday night. So the official announcement is expected on Sunday. Young is holding off speaking with the media as well until the official announcement.



While I’m sad to see Mike leave the Rangers we have to remind ourselves this is a business and its about money and winning.
You only need to look across the street to appreciate whats happening with the Rangers perhaps Jerry Jones might hire John Daniels to run his team . I don’t think so!
But then that’s why the Rangers were organization of the year.

Mike was not a great ballplayer and never was. Yeah he got a lot of hits but he was mostly a singles’ hitter who didn’t walk much. His defense was well-below par.

He wasn’t really as “first class” of a guy as everyone seems to say. I remember him whineing when he didn’t get his way, at least twice.

To me, he’ll be remembered as the man who saved Ron Washington’s job by sticking up for him. Sticking up for a cocaine user is not a legacy IMO.

Wow Pfft……whining when he didn’t get his way? He was a solid starting 2b. When the Rangers were able to shed A-fraud for Soriano, it was Young who volunteered to play shortstop. When Elvis came up, it was Young who moved to 3b. Then, they got Beltre and he seemed to be a man without a position, but he adjusted and became a super utility guy adding 1b and DH to his repertoire. And during all of that, he continued to produce for this team. Yes he complained, but who wouldn’t. Maybe he thought he was being taken for granted, I don’t know. But one thing is for sure. He NEVER became a cancer in the clubhouse. He is a well respected leader with a great Rangers legacy. He has been a consistent face of this franchise and a consummate teammate and professional. He has also given a lot to the Dallas/Fort Worth community and led others like Kinsler to do the same. I only have one question for Pfft……….is D’god back?

My other question for everyone else is this. I know his skills seem to be declining, but did the Rangers get enough in return for him. I realize there is now $6 million more in financial flexibility, but the Rangers gave Philly MY and 10 million for $6 million and a pair of young relievers? Is it enough. What are these guys projected to become?

acquiring ANYTHING was a win…this move to me should actually benefit M Y as much or more than the Rangers….his only hope to continue at a high level of competition was with someone like the Phillies. He should and may yet realize that fact. Most cases the player is the last to admit his career is downhill.

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