Rangers out on Greinke

The Rangers have been told that Zack Greinke is not signing with them, according to industry sources. It appears the Dodgers are going to sign him for a six-year deal. But the Rangers are out.




The Dodgers are the team run by an idiot this year. Last year, it was the Angels and Marlins.

Stan Kasten is no idiot. Looks pretty smart AGAIN!

Don’t get it either. I read somewhere that if ranger’s offered 150 million it would equal a 180 million offer from the dodgers because of taxes. Wonder what are offer was

If that was all hes getting I am VERY angry about this. What about all that TV revenue.

Now I hope Josh Hamilton gives Texas the middle finger after putting him as 2nd priority. You ranger fans hated him at the end of the season anyways…now I bet you’ll beg for him to return. Come on Josh listen to God’s voice telling you to go elsewhere.

LOL, Rangers tried to convince Greinke that getting $19 mill a yr for 6 yrs is equivalent to getting $24 mill a yr from the Dodgers.

I guess Greinke’s agent finally took out a calculator.

Barry Zito part 2…. we’ll be fine

Know lets get Hamilton, shields or price, upton, amd laroche.

This is starting to get old. Rangers never get a top notch pitcher. Their rotaition is filled #3 and #4 starters. Maybe Nolan can pitch next year.

Just a guess, but I think the Rangers will now go to more than three years on Hamilton. Just a guess, mind you (wink).

Always hard to predict motivation with the big ones; but, here’s a vote not to rush toward Hamilton. Let’s continue to talk trades … need a fresh clubhouse.

That clubhouse got Texas to two world series in the last three years & most of the players are in their prime. Why mess with it. Texas needs to land a true #1 starter.

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