Lindblom, Bonilla for Young as trade is done

The Rangers are getting reliever Josh Lindblom and Minor League pitcher Lisalverto Bonilla in the trade with the Phillies for infielder Michael Young, according to a souce. Lindblom was 3-5 with a 3.55 ERA in 74 games with the Dodgers and Phillies this past season. The deal is done and expected to be announced soon.



What a shame. MY was a truly great player and a great face to our franchise. He will be missed in Texas.

I am so saddened by this news. I know it may be better in the long run, however I will always see Michael Young as a Ranger. My son has been playing ball since he was 4 ( he is now 11) and he has always been #10, because of the love we have for Young. What a remarkable baseball player and human being. He will be greatly missed.

your son can still wear the number 10 proudly…Young will be the same remarkable baseball player and human being in Philly…….

being 36 years old, young fits right in with the other antiques on the phillies

The Rangers has screwed around with mike Young for the last time. They have shown him no respect since getting Beltre so now I hope he goes to the Phils and wins a batting title.

Michael Young era la cara de los texas rangers puede jugar cualquier posición y batea mas que muchos filadelfia hizo un gran contrato.

I think is great for both parties. My did not fit here any more and he would have been crazy not to accpet the trade.

Rangers got the better end of this deal, two potentially quality relievers for a one year rental.

Great guy and player gone, but … it makes sense

yes but why pay 10 mil of his salary? Phillies get him fo 6 mill and Texas gets two relievers? but yes good for MY! We have been following the Rangers since they moved to Texas in’72

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