David Murphy on Michael Young

There has been no resolution yet on the proposed trade that would send Michael Young to the Phillies. Presumably Young is still trying to decide if he will accept the trade.

David Murphy spoke about Michael Young on radio today. Here is the release:

Today (Dec. 7) on the MLB Network Radio channel on SiriusXM, hosts Mike Ferrin and Jim Duquette spoke with Rangers OF David Murphy about the prospect of losing teammate Michael Young.

Host/Mike Ferrin:  “If you guys lost Michael, what is it that you guys lose as a teammate and friend that maybe we don’t understand from just watching him play?”

David Murphy:  “Mike’s kind of the, he’s the glue that holds everybody together. He’s a great player regardless of what type of year that he had last year.  I think every player is allowed an off year here or there regardless of whether you are a superstar or whether you’re an average player.  Mike’s definitely been in that superstar/All-Star status for a long time and didn’t live up to his own standards last year.  But he’s just a guy that he creates a great atmosphere in our clubhouse regardless of whether you are a rookie, whether you’ve been around a long time, whether you’re a player that has just signed as a free agent or traded for.  Everybody feels welcome in our clubhouse and everybody gets along.  I never realized how important chemistry was in winning until I experienced these last few seasons and seen what kind of clubhouse we’ve had.  And Michael Young is at the very beginning of all of that.”


It will be so hard to watch the Rangers next year without Michael Young. He gave his all to this organization and deserves better than this!!

really, really hard to stop father time. been there and done that.

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