Rangers-Phillies Young trade close

The Rangers are close to completing a trade with the Phillies that would send infielder Michael Young to Philadelphia. The  biggest obstacle is Young waiving his no-trade clause. The Rangers would pick up a large part of Young’s $16 million salary. The deal is not done but it is being seriously talked about.



I would hate to see this trade more that you, I’m sure.


I’d hate see MY go, but it’s hard to justify keeping him around with Profar and Olt ready to get their shot at regular playing time.

It’s a win/win. Michael gets regular playing time at third. The Rangers save some money and get younger. He’s been one of my favorite all-time Rangers but nothing lasts forever in this game.

Oh, the irony, if a player who has demanded to be traded twice in recent memory uses his veto power now.

I’m having flashbacks to the early 80’s when the Rangers traded Jim Sundberg to the Dodgers for Steve Yeager, Dave Stewart, and a prospect named Orel Hershiser. Sunny, forever a Ranger, vetoed it! A year later they replaced him with Ned Yost. Now that was a trainwreck! But, at least Sunny finally got his ring. If the Young trade does happen, no offense MY, but I hope our Rangers get their rings first. But, Michael Young who wears that same #10 as Sunny is also forever a Ranger. I look forward to the future Michael Young day at the ballpark. It’ll happen.

Sorry, Steve Yeager was not part of that trade. It was Burt Hooton and a young outfielder named Mark Bradley. Oops. Memory, or loss thereof, is a funny thing.

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