Rangers: Hamilton, Greinke, Dickey

Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said he has not had any dialogue with agent Mike Moye concerning Josh Hamilton on Tuesday. Daniels said that at 6 p.m.

Daniels is expecting to talk with Moye either later tonight or tomorrow but said nothing has changed in Hamilton’s situation. Basically the Rangers are letting him test the market and then come back to them before he makes a final decision. So any reports of progress may be premature given what Daniels said.

The Rangers are still looking for starting pitching but they are not expecting to land Zack Greinke. They are interested but they still feel the Dodgers are going to get him.

Said one club official, “That one is going to be hard. The Dodgers are probably going to blow us away.”

R.A. Dickey has told people that he would “love” to come back to Texas. The Mets are talking to clubs and the Rangers are interested.





Thanks, TR!

Saw Dickey on The Daily Show last night. Still the same nice, thoughtful guy he was back in his Ranger days even after winning a CY Young. I’m sure the cost would be dear but I’d “love” to see him back in Texas too.

Emotionally, not so sure we want to see Hamilton back in Texas; but, he is a great talent

For me, I think a lot of my ire came at the thought of Hamilton bailing on us before the season ended. After having time to cool down, I would love to see him back at the right price. If someone offers him a crazy contract, good luck Josh.

Rewarding Hamilton’s behavior with a raise will do nothing to improve his attitude, if he quit on his team in the middle of a playoff run ( before landing a new contract ) what would serve as motivation for him to do anything differently after receiving it ?

Yes he is a great talent, but you just don’t pay for the lack of effort that he showed in the second half of last season.
Yes he has a nice human interest story. And I admire him for overcoming drug addiction.
But its hard to look past the fact that Rangers were in position to make another run at the WS ( which is what competitors dream of ) and this guy looked for ways to get out of the line up, and let’s face it, he quit on his team when they needed him to step up and be counted.
I will not blame anyone for forgiving him for that, but as a Rangers fan I will certainly never forget it.

Samster, it certainly did look like he quit. It also looked like the rest of the team quit too. That was some pretty un-Rangerlike play down the stretch. However, maybe it just looked like quit but it was really something else. I trust the front office of this team to know that. If he actually did quit, I think they would’ve been out on him long ago and made no bones about it. But, they’re not. Maybe nobody on this team quit. Maybe they just ran out of gas. Those of us on the outside have limited options to base our opinions on. There is a whole different thing on the inside so we have to trust those on the inside to make the right decisions. The “inside” hasn’t let us down yet.

I acually think Keeping Hamilton in play is all about keeping the price dowwn on Upton, JD is shrewd beyond his years and experience, I could be wrong but we’ll see.
I think JD badly wants Upton and if Hamilton signs elsewhere Uptons price goes through the roof, the good part about it is that is we get Upton, Hamiltons price comes down, because I just don’t see a market out there for him right now.
It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

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