Rangers landing Soria

The Rangers are closing in on a two-year deal with free agent pitcher Joakim Soria, a source confirmed on Monday afternoon at the Winter Meetings.

Soria is being signed as a setup reliever behind closer Joe Nathan. He missed all of last season because of Tommy John elbow reconstruction surgery but had 160 saves for the Royals from 2007-2011. The Rangers went into the Winter Meetings looking for veteran bullpen help.



Soria is a bad signing. He’s on the decline.

Just like people said Joe Nathan was . . . how’d that work out? Soria isn’t even 30 yet. Obviously a bit of a gamble because of TJ surgery, but Rangers have earned some trust here.

Everyone wants to bring up the Nathan deal, but they’re not same players. Nathan was much farther along in his rehab and has always been a power arm. Soria is coming off his second TJ and is not even on track to come back until mid season. Plus he’s lost 4-5 mph off is fastball…and that was going back to 2011, before he got hurt. His k rate is down, while his. H/9 rate is increasing. More base runners = more runs. I hope I’m wrong…and like you said, we have give JD and co the benefit of the doubt but they do make mistakes…Rich Harden, Ben Sheets, and Brandon Webb come to mind.

Ben Sheets?

Yeah Ben Sheets. They signed him thinking he could bounce back form an arm injury only to have him fail his physical and void the deal. He basically never recovered from that injury…so yeah I view that as a mistake by JD and co.

Thanks, TR for all of the updates – really appreciate learning what is going on!

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