Phillies have “some interest” in Young

The Phillies have some interest in Rangers infielder Michael Young.  They are looking for a third base although it is not their highest priority. The Phillies need an outfielder and a right-handed  bat. But they have been striking out in some of their targets, including B.J. Upton and Angel Pagan.

The Yankees are also looking for a third baseman now that Alex Rodriguez is expected to miss at least the first three months of the season because of hip surgery. General manager Brian Cashman said the Yankees are looking for third base help but added it’s a tough market for that position. The Yankees also expect to get Rodriguez back by mid-season and may settle for a temporary replacement.

The Rangers did not come to Nashville looking to move Young. He also can veto any trade to any team. But the Rangers have listened and talked to teams about Young in the past.



Young in Yankee Pin Stripes – Not NO, but NO NO NO! Please do NOT trade MY!!!!! He is truly Ranger Man!

Trade that waste of 16 million dollars.

I’ve heard of bad GM’s but Gee’s, this is Jerry Jones level
Of incompetence here,
this is more likely about Cody Buckel,Justin Grim,Luery
Garcia or Someone else they’ve identified in our system.
I mean they scouted Frisco last season when we were in
talks for Hamels.
Take on Face, and we give them a couple of pieces that
They could really use. But they feel would just languish
In our system.
Anybody who has scouted Face over the last few years
Knows he is no longer usefull in the field.
This is a tremendously pridefull guy, and might be just
what he needs to wake him up, we all thought was done after
a bad 2010 season, JD tries to deal him and Face lives
off of the pure rage he feels as a result of those efforts
to trade him, being determined to prove JD wrong.
Use your mind control device again JD, Use it again.

Sorry, I sent that from my phone with issues

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