Kinsler at first base is an option

The Rangers are examing many different options at Winter Meetings and one scenario could involve moving Ian Kinsler to first base. The Rangers believe he could make the transition and it would allow them to go with Jurickson Profar at second base.

Profar can also play shortstop but that would involve trading Elvis Andrus. The Rangers do not want to do that even if Andrus can be a free agent after the 2014 season. The Rangers, according to one school of thought, would prefer to break-in Profar at second base and possibly move him to the other side later in his career if needed.

Moving Kinsler to first would impact Mitch Moreland. But the Rangers wouldn’t mind having the extra depth.

The Rangers are still interested in pitcher Zack Greinke. But they are quietly saying that he is going to end up signing with the Dodgers.

Josh Hamilton’s situation is causing much suspense here at the Winter Meetings but sources close to the Phillies, Orioles and Mariners all say they are not going to get involved in Hamilton. One source said there is still probably one team out there willing to go five years on him. The Rangers probably don’t want to go that many years but they do want Hamilton back.

Rangers officials seem to have mixed feelings about the catching that’s available. Guys like Miguel Olivo, Bobby Wilson and Kelly Shoppach have been discussed but the Rangers don’t appear to excited about anybody right now.



I sure hope they play Moreland at first – given the chance, that young man is going to produce!


the first year they wake up and realize what they have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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