Rangers interested in R.A. Dickey

The Rangers are interested in trading for Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey. The Mets, who are in a rebuilding mode, are trying to work out a contract extension with Dickey. He is signed for $5 million in 2013 but is a free agent after that. If the Mets can’t work out an extension then they would consider trading him. According to sources, the Rangers are definitely interested in talking more with the Mets at the Winter Meetings.

Dickey was the Rangers No. 1 draft pick in 1996 and pitched for them from 2001-06. It was while with the Rangers that Dickey started working on the knuckleball that sent his career soaring. He was 20-6 with a 2.73 ERA for the Mets this past season, winning the N.L. Cy Young Award.

The Mets have multiple needs but outfield is high on the list.


Was at a game where Mr. Dickey couldn’t get a single batter out. Was so hilarious. He was finally pulled to cheers and boos. I think I even told my brother during the game, this guy is the worst starting pitcher in Rangers history. Don’t remember much of that game, but had a wonderful time at the ballpark. Now he’s the Cy Young winner. Just awesome story of never giving up. Would love to have Mr. Dickey back with the Rangers.

As a Met fan I have enjoyed watching Dickey pitch. He gets guys out bottom line. But I strongly feel if the pacakge is right they should deal him. He would be great in any rotation

It would depend on what they’re asking in return, we are not real deep in the outfield ourselves. But yes it would be great to have him back, he could pitch another 10 years easy.
20-6. Its Amazing how little respect he’s getting after putting up that kind of season.
Greinke is still living off his CY Young season, and is able to demand huge dollars,
Dickey breaks out, and is immediately made available in trade.
I would not at all be a surprised if Dickey out performs Greinke over the next 5 years.

Darvish,Dickey,Harrison,Holland,Ogando sounds pretty good to me.
Can you imagine dropping Ogando between Darvish and Dickey for a 3 game series ?
Yes bring him back,
It would be like having 1980’s Charlie Hough all over again.

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