Soto decision on hold

The Rangers do not expect a decision on catcher Geovany Soto until later this evening. The Rangers have been trying to get him signed now rather than non-tender him. He is eligible for arbitration but would likely be non-tendered if he doesn’t agree to a contract before the 11 p.m. (CT) deadline.



Good grief! I will anxiously wait to hear as you wait for the news! ARGH!

I’d like to have him back with an option year.


Soto is not as good defensively as TT and they hit about the same…trade for TT.

OK, it’s 9:30 – am I really going to have to stay up until 11?

All due respect to Teagarden, there’s a reason why Soto has over 400 more big league starts behind the plate than Taylor. Taylor is an excellent third option or if you’ve got a catcher like Wieters who is good for 140 starts a year, he’s an acceptable backup. He’s not someone you want to entrust half or more of your catching duties to.

Not worried about
Soto … More importantly, get young Profar sent home from winter ball – now. He’s too young to play too much and have a bad experience.

His bad experience started in September. Looks to be like at his age and potential, he needs to be playing every day and twice on Sunday.

Good going Rangers on shutting down Profar

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