Kinsler willing to switch positions

Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler said Thursday he is willing to switch positions if asked. He hasn’t been asked yet. Kinsler is an All-Star second baseman but the Rangers also have Jurickson Profar possibly ready for a fulltime role at the Major League level. It’s still early in the off-season and the Rangers are still reviewing all their possible options for the winter. Their priorities are catching and the bullpen.

Well, their top priority is pursuing free agent pitcher Zack Greinke or maybe re-signing outfielder Josh Hamilton.

But if Hamilton signs elsewhere, the Rangers could consider moving Kinsler to the outfield.

That decision hasn’t been made. But Kinsler did suggest Thursday that he is willing to do what the Rangers ask. They haven’t asked


Kinsler is a ‘team’ player!

Kinsler changing positions gets Profar into the game, but doesn’t solve the
Kinsler problem.

That is retarded, why waste a power hitting position on kinslers inept bat? I know Daniels is smarter than that. It’s either andrus or kinsler, one has to go.

Ian’s career offensive output is on par with or better than Murphy, Cruz, Young and Moreland all of whom have seen tons of action in recent years at “power hitting positions.”

The negative nellies can always find someone to whip. I don’t think Profar is ready but when he is the Kinsler move is a logical one.

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