Torii Hunter and the Rangers? Hold on just a minute

Torii Hunter was in Detroit today meeting with Tigers officials. Word is Hunter would love to play in Detroit and the Tigers want him there.

The Rangers are also supposed to be interested in him. It’s supposed to come down between the Rangers and the Tigers.

The Rangers interest in Hunter would seem logical. They need outfield help, he lives in North Texas and he comes with impressive intangibles as well as his talent.

But industry sources caution this is not as logical as it seems.

Hunter won’t come cheap. He made $18 million last year. The Angels did decline to offer him $13.3 million but if Hunter is getting ready to sign quickly, it probably means he isn’t taken much of a pay cut. So let’s say $15 million is what it takes to sign him.

So the Rangers are willing to jump right out at the beginning of the off-season and sign the first outfielder available when?…

They are seriously interested in Zack Greinke.

Their stated priorities are relief pitching and catching, and neither has been addressed yet.

There are other outfielders who would be better fits for the Rangers. B.J. Upton because he can play center field and Nick Swisher because he is a switch-hitter who can also play first.

The Rangers still have some hope that Josh Hamilton might return.

Signing Hunter right now would seem to take away some of the Rangers financial flexibility before the off-season gets started and there are better options available.

There is probably more to it than all that but right now Hunter just doesn’t feel right for the Rangers.



Before the offseason gets started? Am I missing something? Hasn’t the offseason begun already?

Literally? Yes it has begun. What you may have missed is that not a single major free agent has signed yet. We’re still in mile 1 of the marathon.

Well said. First shot: Greinke. Failing that, lets bring back Josh and get creative on the pitching front. Trade for R.A. Dickey? Josh Johnson (and a catcher)? Are we still in on Otani?

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