Buck might be of interest to Ranger

If the Blue Jays acquire catcher John Buck from the Marlins, he might be of interest to the Rangers. They have had interest in him in the past and he is signed for 2013 at $6 million. He is coming off a poor offensive season, hitting .192 with 12 home runs and 41 RBI. He is considered solid defensively. He is 32.

It may not be the best answer to the Rangers situation but it might enable them to direct financial resources in other areas.

The Rangers have talked to the Blue Jays about catching this winter. The Blue Jays obviously are preparing to do something with their catchers.



D’Arnaud for Grimm ++?

Buck really? How about Johnson, Reyes, and Beuherle?

If the Jays traded D’Arnaud (doubtful) Grimm might be a companion peice in the return. He would not be the headliner.

Johnson, Reyes and Beuhlre will not be Rangers either.

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