Blue Jays/Marlins and what it might mean for the Rangers

So we know that there is a huge deal going down between the Marlins and the Blue Jays as first reported by FOXSports.Com.

The Marlins will reportedly send shortstop Jose Reyes and starters Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle, along with catcher John Buck and utility man Emilio Bonifacio to the Blue Jays. The Marlins are reportedly receiving infielders Adeiny Hechavarria and Yunel Escobar, pitchers Henderson Alvarez, Anthony DeSclafani and Justin Nicolino, catcher Jeff Mathis and outfielder Jake Marisnick.

So what does this mean for the Rangers?

We know now that the Blue Jays have four catchers sitting on their front porch. Buck joins J.P. Arencibia, Bobby Wilson and top catching prospect Travis D’Arnaud. The Blue Jays are not going with four catchers.

We know the Rangers and the Blue Jays have discussed a trade for one of their catchers prior to this. We know the Rangers have had interest in Buck in the past. We know he is not coming off a great season and is making $6 million in 2013. Obviously the Marlins were interested in unloading his salary and Mathis is only due $1.5 million. More savings for the Marlins.

If the Rangers acquire Buck – and there are no indications anything is imminent – it won’t be for a major prospect. They got Geovany Soto for pitcher Jacob Brigham on July 30. If the Rangers do get Buck, then he and Soto would be in position to be the Rangers catching tandem.

Unless the Rangers decide to non-tender Soto and find somebody else.

Obviously the Rangers could try to acquire Arencibia. He is younger and cheaper than Buck, some power, lots of strikeouts, defense is improving.

The Rangers could also try to get D’Arnaud. And would have to give up Jurickson Profar. D’Arnaud is considered that good. Highly doubtful a deal like that goes down.

Right now there is no deal in place, at least not publicly. Hey, the Blue Jays could turn elsewhere, there are plenty of teams looking for catching.

But this is obvious.

The Blue Jays have lots of catching and the Rangers need catching.


I love Profar , that being said I would not trade Andrus but consider trading Profar. Is D’Aranud as good quality as Profar? I know their both prospects , but maybe the Rangers can pick up another Pudge.


I love your blog and the way you think about these things. As soon as I heard about this trade, I thought about the Napoli flip in 2011. Any chance this could lead to a Ranger trade that could include Mike Olt, a pitching prospect (not Perez) and others (not Profar) for a package including one of the catchers and Josh Johnson?

Cheers, Gary

Great question. It does sort of feel the same doesn’t it?

With the Marlins now being in full fire sale mode, I would definitely be inquiring about Giancarlo Stanton, to the tune of Olt,Martin,(Grim / Perez) + their choice of Buckel or one of the stud J2 outfielders in the lower minors not named Beras.
I know that’s a lot to give, but Giancarlo Stantons don’t grow on trees, and I think you would have to over pay to get them to pull the trigger on this guy, however this would be the time to move on something like this.
then extend Stanton, make a strong bid for Greinke, bring back both Uehara and Napoli,

I love Andrus but his situation has to be resolved while his value is still at its peak. extend him or make a move to improve the club for long haul if you don’t think you can, you have the luxury of taking that approach with Profar here.

it’s a pipe dream. The Marlins will not trade Stanton this year. He’s under team control for 4 years and will be cheap until he hits his 2nd or third year of arbitration. They just got that new stadium and Stanton is now the only one left that can draw any fans. If they still had Buck, then maybe (still would be a long shot) the Rangers could have enticed them to trade Stanton because they could eat Buck’s deal in return.

Thet’re ripe alright. Odds for a trade getting catching and pitching for Kinsler and/or
Cruz just went way up … don’t give up Profar.

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