Rangers bid on Korean pitcher

The Rangers have submitted a bid on pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu, a left-hander from South Korea. The process is similar to what the Rangers went through with Yu Darvish last winter. Ryu’s team, the Hanwha Eagles, have four business days to accept the winning bid. If so, the team that wins the bid has 30 days to work out an agreement with his agent Scott Boras. This past season, Ryu was 9-9 with a 2.66 ERA, striking out 210 over 182 2/3 innings.


…a 90 mph fastball does not impress me.

because tom glavine threw 100 mph heater?

he is a lefty with good change up/slider combo. He is also reportedly has great feel for the game. what more do you want?

we won’t be paying him 51 million dollars like we did last yr. but for 10 mil? i’d say that’s worth it.

Very interesting guy, I can’t remember the Korean guy that Orioles had this year, but if he has the same kind of feel for the kraft , I’d be very interested in bringing this guy in,
it seems for some reason that many of the foreign pitchers have an advanced approach to pitching and more diverse range of offerings.
That plays well in this era of the 100 mph fast ball.

is there any agents out there other than boras? seems like he always has a hand on every player out there. he must be a trillionaire!

The article might have been more useful by noticing that the kids fastball is in the mid 90’s…as it is

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