Darvish not pitching in WBC

The Rangers have released a statement from Yu Darvish saying that he is not pitching in the World Baseball Classic next Spring. Darvish was on the team from Japan that won the WBC in 2009.

Here is the statement:

After much deliberation, which has included a lot of consultation with my coaches and

trainers, I have decided that I will not play in the upcoming World Baseball Classic. This

was a very difficult decision for me as it is always a tremendous honor to represent my

native country of Japan. I greatly enjoyed being a part of the 2009 Championship

ballclub and I will be supporting this year’s team as they look to defend their title. There

are many very talented players in Japan and I am confident this team will uphold

Japan’s great tradition in this event.

Given my substantial workload over the last few seasons and the numerous changes

I’ve endured in my move to the United States, I have decided with my team of advisors

that getting ample rest is the most important thing for me right now as I prepare for the

2013 season. My ultimate goal is to help win a World Series with the Texas Rangers

and to share that accomplishment with the great baseball fans in Japan. I look forward

to next season and am excited about our chances of winning.

I thank everyone for their understanding with my decision.


I love this. Yu is completely committed to his team. That is a piece of the winning formula.

Especially the the pitcher position it’s too much of a risk for the pros to play in these games.

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