Rangers make offer to Hamilton, decline on Napoli

The Rangers have made a $13.3 million qualifying offer to outfielder Josh Hamilton but have declined to do so with catcher Mike Napoli.

The offer to Hamilton allows the Rangers to get draft pick compensation if he signs with another team. Hamilton could accept the offer and remain with the Rangers on a one-year deal but the club does not expect that happen. Hamilton has until next Friday to decide.

The Rangers still have interest in re-signing Napoli but weren’t interested in paying him $13.3 million if he accepted the offer. The Rangers will not receive compensation if Napoli signs with another team.

Hamilton is expected to fully test the free agent market in search of a multi-year contract at a salary of $20 million-plus annually. The Rangers have not ruled out the possibility of re-signing Hamilton but are unlikely to do so if it costs that much.


his answer probly depends on how many energy drinks he has that day.

Before you knock Josh being on energy drinks you should study more so your spelling doesnt suck like it does

why? i checked my spelling this time walter

wuv napoli. if he goes, i go

It’s a big problem but other good catcher the Rangers don’t have, in the end season Hamilton didn’t make the different in field. I prefer make a deal with Napoli.

OMG, I just heard a report saying that Hamilton wants 7 yrs for 175 mil…… ARE YOU KIDDING ?????

For that trash you threw at us last season.

O’h God somebody hurry and tell me this is some sort of bit… That’s truly amazing
Dude try not to let the door hit you in the backside on your way out.
I want to see the guy who gives him this kind of coin, because I have a beach house in Alaska to sell him before he runs out of money. that contract would prove to be the worst contract in the history of contracts !!!!!

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