Friday morning…Hamilton, Ortiz, Upton

So we know the Rangers want to move Alexi Ogando into the rotation and then upgrade their pitching. We know they are interested in Zack Greinke. We also know they have to find a catcher.

In the immortal words of Casey Stengel, “If you don’t have a catcher, you end up with a lot of passed balls.”

Or something like that.

Now reports are out that the Rangers are interested in David Ortiz. In other words, they are interested in a big power left-handed bat.

Kind of like Josh Hamilton, only this one can’t run or play the field. But he can hit cleanup.

Maybe behind B.J. Upton. The Rangers are also interested in Upton as a potential replacement for Hamilton in center field.

The Rangers do like Upton, who is also also free agent

Just like Hamilton.

The Rangers, besides fretting about their pitching and their catchers, are bracing for the increasing possibility that Hamilton will not be back next year.

Which has always been a possibility. There are some on Ballpark Way who are good with that. There are others who would like to see Hamilton return. The subject is debated on the shores of Mark Holtz Way, amicably and otherwise.

One thing seems clear. If Hamilton does get a mega-contract, it won’t be from the Rangers. The only mega-contract they’re willing to sign is one with Zack Greinke’s name on it.

Ortiz won’t get a mega-contract. But he could get a two-year deal, most likely with the Red Sox. But it doesn’t hurt for someone to make sure there are others beyond the Red Sox who have interest in him.

There is a Latin term for that but All Saints Day has come and gone.

The interest in Ortiz is in line with a simple Rangers philosophy: look for high profile, high impact players at manageable prices. See Guerrero, Vladimir or Sosa, Sammy.

Remember the Rangers expressed interest in Grady Sizemore about this time last season. But once he decided on an ill-fated return to the Indians, the Rangers stopped looking for a center fielder. They just thought Sizemore could be a high impact player if he could overcome previous injuries. The Indians found out that wasn’t the case.

Pitching and catching remain at the top of the list. But the list is longer than that. The offense will need to be addressed as well because Hamilton is going, going, going…

Too bad Ortiz can’t catch. Too bad Ian Kinsler can’t catch. Or Mike Olt. The Rangers would settle for Geovany Soto to being able to hit and possibly having Upton in center field next year.


Is there no chance of getting NAPOLI back? I would still love to see Gentry at CF. Giving the same opportunity to play every day, I truly believe, will pay great rewards just like with Murphy.

Because Kyle Lohse is a one hit wonder. Nobody believe that he can duplicate or sustain his numbers…not to mention that he will be expensive.

Grienke … yes; but why isn’t there more noise about Kyle Lohse????

Let Hambo go……….put the big dollars in Zack Greinke’s pocket……..Let Gentry play CF with Martin as a backup while he is getting his feet wet in the majors., Need a replacement at some point for Cruz…his career as a big bat are numbered. MY is pretty much finished, just a ton of money being wasted on him! Kins had better get with the program……let’s hope Murph has a good follow-up year to 2012. Not a B.J. Upton fan at all!! Heart and soul of the Rangers are Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre…..Beltre should be the Captain of the team!! Napoli would be great to have back but at a reasonable price for a .227 hitting catcher……..Soto can go, unless the new “hitting coach guru” can get them both swinging the bat right, goes for Kinsler also! Moreland will be fine at 1B……….

Somehow get Adams and Uehara back……….what to do with Colby mid-season?? Nefti will be back about the same time…….in the pen!

Greinke; Darvish; Harrison; Ogando; Holland in that order…………….

Now JD get rid of Washington and we are on our way to a WS title !!!

NeedsTo go list


Lesser role list
Nellie Cruz
Mitch Moreland

Expanded role list
M Perez

Key additions list
Leury Garcia
Big Papi
JP Arencibia

Would like to have back list

Needs a swift kick list

Heart and soul of the team list
C Lewis

Needs to get healthy list

Hey Gang,
If Napoli can catch 1/2 the games and still hit what he did this past year –where can you find another catcher with better qual. for the same $$$ Nap wants?
The Upton the Rangers want is from the DBacks not BJ. Why give up a very capable and proven shortstop (Andrus) for Upton when it would be great to get him for Profar and maybe a throwin ? Apparently the DBacks are not interested in Olt.
Also someone mentioned Tori Hunter–as good a choice as Upton.

Please not Ortiz . . . i don’t like performance enhancement violators on a team, especially ones that lie with a straight face about it. The mention of Ortiz makes Torii Hunter a better option.

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