Of Inbox, Twitter and Rangers websites

Have a new “inbox” up today, or mailbag as they used to be called. First one of the off-season.

It’s hard to do inboxes during the season. Even if there’s one every two weeks, the questions usually are out-dated after 13-14 games are played. Plus it’s hard to answer uniform questions all the time or complaints about the broadcasts. Can’t do anything about the radio situation.

The inboxes are much more useful during the off-season when everybody has their favorite trade that they want to make.

Also realize that some of the inbox questions irritate some people but the attempt is to.

— Answer as many different questions as possible.

— Be as insightful as possible.

— Not repeat information that is already on the site.

— Also try to limit it to one question per reader per mailbag even though some like to submit multiple questions.

Remember you can also e-mail me directly at tr.sullivan@mlb.com  but I usually delete those questions saying that I’ve won a lottery or some Nigerian war lord wants me to help him get $10 million out of the country. They’ll have to figure out some other way to get their dough to the United States. Also can’t read Chinese either.

I also realize that I get questions on Twitter and people probably realize that I’m bad at answering them. Actually, I don’t respond to questions on Twitter.

Which probably seems rude considering I have 16,869 followers on Twitter so not sure if that’s good or bad but…. Yeah it is bad but not trying to be rude.

I just never check Twitter. In fact I don’t understand Twitter. Yes, I know I’m showing my crotchety old age – 53 the last time I checked –  but I don’t get the journalistic value of Twitter. Any information I get goes either on the blog or the site as fast as possible…and as accurate as possible, which has never been a 100 percent proposition. As they say, journalism is the first rough draft of history but now, in this day and age where everything is done at 100 miles per hour, it’s almost like we’ve become the scratch pad of history.

Which ain’t all that good and yes the typos drive me nuuuuuuuuuuuuts..

But it would seem that conversing on Twitter would be a time-consuming thing and that doesn’t really seem to be a productive thing. I probably need Anthony Andro to give me a 101 on Twitter since he is the absolutely King of Twitter.

Or maybe that’s a waste of time too because apparently there new fun gadgets that may replace Twitter.

One problem is that, unlike others, all I can do with my cellphone is make a phone call, send a text message and make it through all levels of brickbreaker. I’m really good at brickbreaker.

Actually I’m not happy that the blog isn’t what it used to be, but we’re trying to rectify that. Still the blog and the website are still the two more important outlets as far as I’m concern, and that’s where energy is directed.

And the basic mission remains the same, collect as much information as possible and present it in a clear, concise and understandable fashion. That was the mission at the Denison and Fort Worth newspapers, and remains at MLB.Com.

Everybody has opinions. The attempt here is to be an honest broker of information. Nothing much more than that, nothing less. Tell people what’s happening with the Major League team in Arlington and why. Not claiming to be an expert, just want to be a legitimate source of reliable information.

Must be somebody reading because the amount of comments under some of the stories on the site are staggering. If it’s tough to keep up with Twitter, going through all those comments must be impossible.

Look, there are many great sites to keep up with the Rangers. Certainly the two newspapers, plus the local edition of the World Wide Leader as well as the website for the local sports cable network. Plus the Newberg Report, Baseball Time in Arlington, Lone Star Ball. On any given day there is a ton of stuff to read and digest.

Really good journalists doing outstanding work at the Ballpark and really smart people writing insightful stuff about the greatest game ever invented. Even guys who think I’m an idiot for believing that Jim “Catfish” Hunter is one of the greatest pitchers ever lived…and how are things at the Basball Think Factory.

I even found www.shutdowninning.com after the author chastised me for being snarky about WAR. Which I really wasn’t doing but…check that site out if you want a new viewpoint.

So anyway, thank you everybody for reading. Seriously. I greatly appreciate it. Still have a dozen years left before retirement and that state university still has to be fed so can’t stop now. Unless I win the lottery and can disappear forever. Keep your fingers crossed.

The inboxes will be more frequent this winter so keep the questions coming. Or email me directly…

Thank you very much

TR and that stupid dog Toby


You can’t call Toby stupid !!!!! He has made many insightful contributions when your goofing off somewhere !!

Please don’t call Toby stupid… My 3 Golden Retrievers who are field hunting dogs and not foofoo Goldens enjoy Toby’s blog. How many ‘stupid’ dogs have blogs?

Woof! Woof! Woof! What-me worry?

Elysian Fields is the first place I go to when I check the Rangers website. Always find yours and Toby’s insights good reading.

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