Washington second-guesses decision on player usage

Rangers manager Ron Washington said at a press conference today that he may have used his regulars too much down the stretch. Washington said that’s the one thing he could have done differently. General manager Jon Daniels expressed his support for the manager.



He MAY have? Ridiculous. Ron needs to be shown the door. He is consistently outclassed by the other team’s manager and simply is clueless on how to manage a pitching rotation, much less a bullpen.

Ridiculous back acha, First year not going all the way in three yrs and you want him fired. Washington needs to be a little less “comitted” to players and remove them from the game sooner.

Wash has coached 2 All Star games and is 0 for 2. He has been to 2 World Series and he’s 0-2. Can he please win something. As a Ranger fan I’m not going to just be satisfied with them just making it to the World Series. I would like to see them win one. I don’t think Wash can do it. He doesn’t know manage his bull pin and you have young guys they brought up in September and you still have Young out there struggling. Give your future some at bats and sit your regulars for a game or 2 to get them some rest for the post season.

I definatly think he over exposed his regulars, Veterans who had endured back to back grueling march’s to the WS.
At the same time Oakland was charging hard with a roster of talented young Rookies with fresh legs and a Manager who believed in them enough to give them a chance to play in high leverage situations.
Quite the contrast to the way that Washington managed our team of very talented but aging veterans, desperately in need of rest ( down the stretch ) not in April and May when he willfully breaded an air of complacency by sending his team the message ( we are so good we don’t need to worry too much about winning these early season games, its all about being rested for the playoffs ) as tho we are some how intitled to a playoff spot because we are the Texas Rangers, but This is not Golf nor is the WS the Masters, you don’t get to go based on past results, You have to earn it each seasons.
Seasons that offer new challenges each year, how well you adjust to each seasons challenges determain how far you go and how successful you are in the end. last seasons strategies may very well not work this season.
Washington is a very good Manager and has a chance to be a great Manager if he learns from his mistakes , let’s not lose site of this fact while we wallow in our regrets concerning this past season
He made the mistake marrying himself to veteran players who got him to the World Series in back to back seasons while totally ignoring very gifted young players, kids who could have made significant contributions if given a real opportunity to compete, rather than rotting on the dugout bench while Wash made his point to JD, I Will Play Who I Want To Play On My Team.
He needs to be more flexable in regards to the use of younger players vs veterans, I think Profar, Olt, Leonys,Font could have given this club a shot of much needed energy if given the opportunity to play, instead we watched a bunch of rapidly aging men be overtaken by a Pride of hungry young lions who had a manager who believed in them.
Having said all that,it is still important to understand that Managers who consistently win don’t grow on trees,, we went 40 years before playing in our first World Series.
Let’s not throw the guy away, the first season that doesn’t produce a trip to the series.
After all we would kill for a Head Coach who could lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.

Wow that’s a earth shaking revelation, its not like the whole state of texas didn’t realize you blew the season with your idiotic decisions. The season is now over and you have all off season to fawn over Michael Young, probably reviewing hours upon hours of Face taking batting practice and coming up short on routine grounders, By a diving Michael Young and no one to interept you,
finally there is time now, all the film you want and all the film you need.

Kids – have you ever heard of spell check?

The word is spelled bullpen
The word is spelled definitely
Breaded – did he cover them in flour and deep fry them? The word you want is bred
The word is spelled entitled

There are only so many opportunities in life. For the past three years, the Rangers have ever had their greatest opportunities to win that they have ever had. Ron Washington has blown those chances. (And yes, the two all-star games, too. He may never coach an all-star team ever again.)

It’s not simply a matter of “disagreeing” with his decisions as some have claimed. His decisions down the stretch this year were not less than incompetent! He was negligent in his management of this team; any baseball- loving third grader could have made better decisions. (And it still chaps my hide that he put CJ Wilson on the all-star team. CJ was never an all-star caliber pitcher, which is why he lost that game.)

The Good Ol’ Boy mentality has got to go if the Rangers ever want to win. Perhaps they don’t want to win, but just want to be good buddies. We’ve all been his buddies, his supporters, and his fans for all these years. We’ve clapped for him, and laughed with him, and sung and danced about him. Ron Washington had his time, and his opportunities; he blew them. His time is over; he needs to go.

Come on guys.I know we are all looking for someone to blame because we sit in disbelief of how the season ended .I dont agree with all of Wash’s decisions but the truth is that we are living in the golden age of Rangers baseball and Wash is a big part of that.Need proof how about Three ninety win seasons two trips to the World Series & a manager who takes full responsiblity for his teams faliures.Lets not run him out of town just yet.Unless of course you enjoy crappy baseball

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