Rangers lineup: Beltre at third, Young at first, Napoli at DH, Murphy not starting

1. Ian Kinsler (2B)

2. Elvis Andrus (SS)

3. Josh Hamilton (LF)

4. Adrian Beltre (3B)

5. Nelson Cruz (RF)

6. Michael Young (1B)

7. Mike Napoli (DH)

8. Geovany Soto (C)

9. Craig Gentry (CF)

Yu Darivsh – P


Murphy should be starting over gentry. He’s proved himself this year hitting against lefties.

Murphy has EARNED his start – can’t believe Wash is leaving him out! I have never said one negative thing about Washington but I believe that is fixing to change.

And… if Hamilton is still swinging a golf shots, I would rather have Murphy LF and Gentry in CF.

I want to see them get back to Rangers baseball. Get on base, move guys over, manufacture runs. You can’t hit home runs in every at bat. Maybe that Oakland series got their attention. Maybe tonight they can get their focus back. Regardless, please don’t quit again……please don’t quit. Play hard for as many innings as there are and if you lose after giving all you have……that’s fine. But, quitting does not endear itself to this now proud franchise and I’m pretty sure Daniels and Ryan won’t let that go.

WHERE IS MURPHY????????????????

Washington is crazy, playing the percentages only works if every thing is equal.and Gentry or Hamilton are not equal to Murphy. I say get rid of Hamilton and Washington.

I believe Washington has some deep down hatred for David Murphy! Murph has always come through when asked and he earned his spot in the starting line-up. I agree that Washington does not know how to read his players especially after seeing Hamilton’s performance in the last 3 weeks of regular play. Josh should have been benched for at least 5 games along with Cruz. Sometimes players get into a “I’m too good not to start” mode. Cruz never got on track but he continued to play even though he did not contribute and Hamilton did the same thing in September. Murphy has been consistent. Sure he had games with no hits but he still was the #2 hitter on the team and the #1 hitter against left-handed pitching on the team not to mention #3 or #4 in the league against lefties. Washington needs to get a grip and not let his personal feelings affect his professional decisions.

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