Darvish will start first playoff game

Manager Ron Washington said Yu Darvish will start the first playoff game for the Rangers, whether it’s the wild card or the division series. Obviously no surprise at this point. Darvish is throwing a bullpen today. He and Matt Harrison are the only two pitchers not available.

This is the third time since 1969 that a division title will be decided on the final day of the regular season. The others were the Brewers over the Orioles in 1982 and the Padres over the Dodgers in 1996. That doesn’t count one-game playoffs.

That’s it

Game on


These guys simply quit on the season. Something I never thought I’d see with this group. Oakland is a good team on a GREAT roll. But, the Rangers quit and not just one player. The whole team. You can see it in their body language. You can see it in their fundamentals. You can see it on their faces. They do not believe in each other anymore and that’s a sad way to end a great season. I want to believe in them, but they have given no hope in the last 2 months. They are just going through the motions and it will all be over soon. I wonder what the team will look like next year. Sad day today.

I’m just not ready for the season to be over. So I will choose to believe that some how,some way this team will find a way to overcome whatever it is that come over it. If we can get past Baltimore all bets are off, and we can take the same attitude that Oakland has been feuled by for the past 3 months ( the we’re playing with house money,underdog attitude) and the 1 thing we have in our favor is that we actually have the talent to beat any team on the planet.
Now do we have it within us to get up off of the mat,clear our heads and play like we’re capable of ? I certainly hope so. But even if we’re not able to do so,
I love this team so much and in view of all of bad baseball that we as Rangers fans endured for 30 + years I can only say THANK YOU for the past 3 years. We know these things go in cycles, next year there will be other young upstart teams playing with nothing to lose, our goal is to recapture that attitude moving forward,somewhere we’ve lost it.

Rangers Forever

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