Fridsay afternoon…Darvish on the mound

Yu Darvish is throwing in the bullpen as we speak (3:25 p.m.)…So far everything appears fine. Tonight’s game is down to the scattered singles and obstructed view seats. Slightly overcast…a few scattered thunderstorms…. Tomorrow may not be as good. Unless you yard needs watering.

Three things we desperately need in North Texas

1. Better health care…or at least a cure for acid reflux

2. A solution to American Airline’s problems

3. Rain




Dave B. says that Papaya Enzyme (chewable tablets) helps very well with the acid reflux, and it is true…i am a witness.

Really? Interesting…I would kill for reglan but the doctors won’t prescribe it anymore

T.R. papaya enzyme is a fruit ,that comes in a chewable tablet, I purchase it at a gnc store ,some grocery chains sales the product, and can be found at a vitamin store.An old farmer taught me this.Since I ‘m from Md.I don ‘t know your stores .I take 3 a day. unless I eat mexican I may take 4 or 5 tablets at that time.Go rangers!!!

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