Colby Lewis Signs 1-Year Extension With Rangers

RHP Colby Lewis has signed a one-year contract extension with the Texas Rangers. 

Terms of the contract are a $2 million dollar base salary with $4 million dollars worth of incentives. Lewis, who was eligible to become free agent at the end of the season, underwent surgery on his elbow that ended his 2012 season, he will likely not be ready to pitch for the start of the 2013 season.

The Rangers will have a press conference this afternoon to announce the contract extension.


EXCELLENT!!!! He can lead us to our 2nd WS Championship in 2013!

That’s awesome.

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Ben J. Sexton

A low cost move that should be ok….we’ll see. Meanwhile what happens to Perez and Feliz.

Fantastic move, even if Colby never pitches again. Sends a message to present and prospective players that they can expect a sqare deal with the Rangers.

Great move for both Colby and the Ranger to have his heart and leadership in the rotation.

O”h by the way, where are all of the CJ Wilson fans who thought that we were making a huge mistake by not money whipping this Bum last winter ?
Not trying to say I told u so, but I TOLD U SO. LOL

God it feels good to see him suck in big game situations

More class shown by the Rangers’ organization. Bravo!

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