Oswalt trade “possible”

The Rangers are talking to other clubs about pitcher Roy Oswalt and an industry source said a trade is “possible” before Friday’s deadline. The Dodgers and the Nationals are among contenders looking for starting pitching down the stretch. Players must be acquired by Friday to be eligible for post-season. The Rangers signed Oswalt earlier this summer as a starting pitcher but he has since been moved to the bullpen. He has made it clear that he wants to be a starter and is not particularly happy about his present situation. Scott Feldman bumped Oswalt from the rotation.

Right now the Rangers “don’t know” if they will be able to move Oswalt but there is a chance. The Rangers are also looking for utility infield help but would likely want more than that for Oswalt.



I rather see them get rid on cruz. Misses too many balls in the outfield and have the time is just jogging to them when runners are advancing. Why isn’t Gentry in RF

Yes he misses too many and the rest of the question is : why isn’t Murph in right, Gentry in center, Ham in left and Cruz DH? Answer: Wash loves MY. Note this is the lineup he used last Sunday while MY was on maternity leave and we won big.

Amen, Nellie is a liability in the OF. Put him @ DH or trade him. If Oswalt doesn’t want to stay then lump him and Nellie and trade ’em for a reliever or a bat.

Ok, this is going to take some time so have a seat and let me explain why Nelson Cruz is the Rangers starting right fielder,
Its The same reason that Colby Lewis is still in the starting rotation when healthy. When we needed a horse he stood up to be counted as real competitors do, as opposed to that Rat C-douch Wilson.
Yes Cruz has defensive short comings,but so does D Murphy. I love both Murphy and Gentry but let’s be honest Gentry serves about the same puepose (defensively) as Hamilton without the offense.
Cruz is here because of what he brings to the plate, maybe some Rangers fans don’t respect his skill set but AL managers are terrified of this guy at this time of year, He must be acounted for in this line up.
Nelson Cruz
122 AB. 26 Runs scored 14 HR 27 RBI 272 AVG. 689 SLG the last 2 post seasons
David Murphy
68 AB. 11 Runs scored 1 HR 6 RBI 252 AVG. 386 SLG. The last 2 post seasons.
THIS IS WHY NELSON CRUZ IS PLAYING EVERYDAY, and its also why he isn’t going to be traded rather Roy O
. You dance with who brought you. The Rangers would not have advanced past Tampa in 2010 without the great series Nellie had, and they certainly would have advanced to the WS last year without Cruz personally putting the team on his back against Detroit. HOW SOON WE FORGET


Amen Samster!

I just noticed the lastest waiver wire news……Joe Mauer anyone? Might the Rangers be quietly in on this one considering the catching situation? Just a thought.

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I personallywill certainly wind up being back much more often.
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