Upton one of many claimed by Rangers

The Rangers are one of the teams who put in a waiver claim on Arizona outfielder Justin Upton. The Rangers, according to one source, have put in waiver claims on a number of players, including Upton. But the Rangers have the best record in the American League and that makes it difficult for them to be awarded the claim on any player.

That was the case with Upton and another team will be awarded the claim.

Upton is a National League player. So he would have to pass through all N.L. teams before an A.L. team would have a shot him. All A.L. teams would then have to pass on Upton before the Rangers were awarded the claim. That didn’t happen.

But what is happening is the Rangers are still exploring ways to get better as the last Trade Deadline approaches. Players must be acquired by Aug. 31 in order to be eligible for post-season. The Rangers acquired outfielder Jeff Francoeur on Aug. 31, 2010 and reliever Mike Gonzalez on the same day last year.



I’ve seen scouting reports that compare Justin Upton to a young Frank Robinson, but as we all know comparisons like that are not always acurate.
Remember when Marcus Spears was going to be the next Reggie White and ( Mavs ) Randy White was a poor mans Karl Malone ? The D-Backs aren’t going to simply give Upton away to whomever wins a waiver claim. And had it been the Rangers in that situation, all indications point to AZ wanting Elvis Andrus along with a couple of nice prospects to sweeten the deal.

But at this point in their respective careers Elvis Andrus is a better player than J UP, playing a more valued position than Upton.
Say what you will about potential but all that means to me is you haven’t done it yet.
Right now Elvis is a top 50 player in MLB and so many think we should deal him because Profar is playing well in AA ball. I say try to extend Elvis and worry about what to do with Profar when and if he proves himself. But don’t give Elvis to AZ this winter for BJ 2.0
He is more likely to become his older Brother than to become Frank Robinson.
Besides top 50 players don’t grow on trees.

Well Said

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