Napoli to DL with left quad strain

Mike Napoli was placed on the 15-day disabled list with a strained left quadricep on Saturday. The injury kept Napoli from playing Tuesday and Wednesday in Boston before he returned to the lineup for Friday’s series opener against the Tigers.

Triple-A Round Rock catcher Luis Martinez was called up to replace Napoli on the Rangers’ 25-man roster.

-Christian Corona


This just hasn’t been the same Napoli all year. Maybe time on the DL will help him recover his stroke (and positive frame of mine). I’d love to see the 2011 Napoli back. But if not, I’m not sure the Rangers will re-sign him.

While the power remains respectable, I’m surprised to see Napoli reverting to his lackluster batting average ways. It pains me to see him hurt in the time of year where the ball flies in Arlington more than ever… but at this point I’m most curious about what this does to his value. Is he going to make at least what he makes now or does his value take enough of a hit that the rangers can resign Hamilton and maintain Napoli on the cheap(er)? If at all possible I’d prefer to see a rebounding Napoli than Soto behind the plate but I can’t stop worrying about how much it’ll all cost to keep the guys we already have, and that’s if JD and Ryan and Friends are content with the rotation

Napoli is just a small segment of the Rangers wowes. Wash. is so worried about covering players backs as he says to make sure all the players think he is a players manager he can see how bad a job he is doing. Not having Gentry in the daily lineup os an embarrsement to the organization. Having loyalty to Michael Youngs’ past is great but when does that stop he is one of my all time favorites but man is he tanking it this year. Napoli and his attitude I cant understand why they let Torrealba go. He at least was a cheerleader. Putting Feliz in a starters position will prove to be a waste of a talent he is not smart enough to handle a starters role and always struggle. Nathan was a great choice and would have beaten out Feliz anyway. Wash better look who has his back as if Ryan and Co. wake up and say we should have 2 titles already Wash will be gone.

Mike…you’re just plain wrong….and I’m going to stop ow before I say something I’ll regret….and to bring you up to date Feliz is out of basebball until at least the middle of next year…sheesh…what a …..

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