Oswalt, Washington talk, clear up Sunday’s situation

Roy Oswalt spoke with Rangers manager Ron Washington on Tuesday to discuss what happened on Sunday afternoon in Kansas City. He also spoke with reporters.

Oswalt said that the reason why he told the Rangers he had pitched enough on Sunday was he had thrown over 200 pitches in less than a week. That’s why he told the Rangers he didn’t want to go out for a third inning on Sunday.

Oswalt threw 96 pitches in a start against the Angels on Monday. He said he also threw 50-60 pitches in a bullpen session on Wednesday in anticipation of his next start. But he was moved to the bullpen and made two appearances. He threw 24 pitches against the Angels on Thursday and 30 against the Royals on Sunday.

That put him over 200 pitches and he was concerned about the workload without being familar with his new role. Another one or two innings would have pushed him over 250 pitches.

Oswalt made it clear he still wants to start. But he said he is willing to pitch out of the bullpen whenever the Rangers need him. He said he has not asked to be traded.


It wasn’t Oswalt’s call…it was the Manager’s. That explanation doesn’t do it for me.

I agree. If that was indeed the case, he should have informed Wash at the time. I do not think he believed the Club would take the stand it did. NO ONE is bigger than the Team.

If he doesn’t want to be traded, then he needs to get off his duff and play baseball. He makes way too much money to be a crybaby.

Agreed, that’s an excuse and a bad one at that. But hey, you know what that say.
Any excuse is better than none at all,
this is why its so hard to win a championship in any sport, there are often way too many agendas when there should be only 1,


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