Rangers: Oswalt is a reliever right now

Roy Oswalt wants to start. The Rangers understand that. But they are still going to keep him in the bullpen. Assistant general manager Thad Levine said the club has talked to Oswalt about his desire to start but made it clear to him that he will be used out of the bullpen. Levine declined to say if Oswalt has asked to be traded.

Oswalt pitched two innings on Sunday and then was asked if he could keep pitching in a tie game. Oswalt said he was done.

Oswalt declined to comment on the situation Monday afternoon at Fenway Park.

Levine also said the Rangers are still trying to work out a trade for catcher Yorvit Torrealba, who was designated for assignment last week. They thought they had something with the Nationals until they acquired Kurt Suzuki from the A’s.



How can you start i you can´t pitch 3 innings.

When personal is more important than TEAM there is a problem. Shut up and do your job and earn it back like Scott Feldman.

Very big dissapointing, this is what is wrong in sports from the fans point of view.
We follow the local team and cheer for them to suceed as they represent the local fan base in their persuit of fame and glory, trying to live out boyhood dreams of hitting the game winning homer of throwing the game winning strikeout in the bottom of the ninth inning of game 7 of the World Series, we pay our Hard earned dollars in support and follow the teams every move on internet blogs and play GM in our minds and have our own opinions on what direction the team should take regarding many different issues, hoping upon hope that things will come together in such a way the the local team can find its way to the playoffs and the WS, ultimately winning.

Only to find that there is a RAT among the soldiers inlisted for battle.
Rats of the Over paid,overrated,under acheiving, pompus, selfish,immature, dellusional variety.
Roy its not all about YOU its about the TEAM,
Its just sad that so many have lost sight of this on the way to fame and furtune.

Counterpoint: We want our players to want to start passionately. Any human can get upset and throw a temper tantrum. So for me, I prefer to give Oswalt a pass on this one. But, it shouldn’t happen again and if it does, I’ll be the first on the tar and feather/run him out of town on a rail band wagon. Michael Young was justifiably upset and demanded a trade when he was asked to move for the 3rd time to no particular position. He got over it. Let’s give Oswalt a chance to get over it and do the right thing. I know Oswalt to Young is more apples to oranges, but I think it is okay to give him the benefit of the doubt and a chance to redeem himself. If he does, everybody wins. If he doesn’t, watch out when the Angels pick him up.

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