Rangers did not claim Cliff Lee

There are reports that at least one team has put in a waiver claim on Cliff Lee. The Rangers were not one of them. They spoke to the Phillies about Lee before the Trade Deadline but a source said they did not claim him after he was put on waivers.


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So ROY Oswalt is to good to pitch out the bull pen is he ?
Roy you can’t hit, you’re not pinch running for anybody anytime soon, you’re no good as a defensive replacement, you don’t do dishes or window,

I have a 3 year old and 5 year old that sometimes have to monitor how they play, my 5 year is sometimes selfish with his toys and won’t allow my three year old to play with his toys on ocassion,but we are working through those issues.
Its Just dissapointing to see 35 year old men who are being paid more in 1 year than most honest hard working americans will make a life time CRY about not wanting to work out of a major league bull pen,
My 3 year old daughter has a better concept of team work ant competition than you Mr Oswalt.
Its a honor, not a right to pitch in the big leagues, and I hope Rangers fans understand just how much this guy just dumped on our team by bailling out on his teamates,hiis managers,his friend Nolan Ryan,the fans and himself yesterday by behaving like a 3 year old child !!!!

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