Hamilton’s statement on chewing tobacco

Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton has stopped chewing tobacco again. It’s a habit that he has struggled on and off to quit over the past few years. He said that this was the “disobedience” issue that he eluded to earlier this week. He wanted to make that clear because of the rampant speculation that his previous comments brought about on the internet

Here’s Hamilton’s statement:

Due to the speculation that occurred from my recent comments, I felt it was important to clarify what the “issue” was to which I was referring- both personally and professionally. The issue is ‘discipline’. Professionally, it’s been plate discipline. Personally, it’s been being obedient to the Lord in quitting chewing tobacco. I was hesitant to address the tobacco once again, because it’s an area that I’ve struggled with trying to quit in the past. I wanted to have some time of success ‘under my belt’  before addressing again publicly, but feel I haven’t been given that option with all of the speculating out there as to what the ‘mystery issue’ was. But there you have it- Discipline. Hebrews 12:4-5 and John 3:30.


The guy is an absolute boob.

After reading josh’s statement, only a playground bully loser would call him a boob. Josh is not perfect but he’s trying to get closer to what he wants to be as a dad and a husband. If you had some purpose in life besides hiding behind a computer screen you might understand. If josh were my son I would be proud of him not for baseball but for the attempt he is making at being successful at life. You ? Not so much!

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