Dempster for Christian Villaneuva/Kyle Hendricks

Just filed the story. The Rangers have acquired pitcher Ryan Dempster. They have given up third baseman Christian Villaneuva and pitcher Kyle Hendricks. Villaneuva can play. Hendricks does not have overpowering stuff but he does know how to pitch. Rangers system should be able to handle both losses but the Cubs didn’t do too badly.



Nice pick up!

I had given up on the Dempster coming to the Rangers! Way to go, Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan! Great pick-up! The rotation was in tatters and needs a solid performer.

I much prefer this deal to giving up Olympic or Perez for Greinke.

Tough to lose Villanueva, but I guess that’s the price of doing business, and I really don’t know a lot about the Kendricks but his scouting report looks very much like Weiland and Erlin’s, I think Villanueva has chance be a solid big leaguer, Hopefully Dempster can help down the stretch
And hope CV doesn’t turn into the stud 3rd baseman that many project him to be

Demsters not off to the greatest of starts, but much more importantly CJ finally shows his true colors and shows why we shouldn’t have re-signed him, he is without a doubt one of the games best and most dominant lefties (when nothings on the line) but when the pressure is on, he’s not going to show up, there is simply to much of a track record of him not producing in big game situations, he’s a decent mid rotation type who benefited from playing in front of one of the better defense’s in the league as well as being supported by one the league’s best line ups over the last couple of years, but trust me, over a period of time his mid rotation profile will be on full display.
He has great stuff, but what i would have to consider very questionable make up, it all adds up to mid rotation guy.
Great win by the good guys, good going Mike Olt and Gio Soto, Let’s go Rangers

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