Rangers acquire Soto for Brigham

The Rangers have acquired catcher Geovany Soto from the Cubs for pitcher Jacob Brigham. Soto is hitting .195 for the Cubs and is making $4.2 million. Brigham is 5-5 with a 4.28 ERA in 21 starts at Double A Frisco.



What is this trade supposed to do or be for?


Only thing I can think of is they are going to package something for a pitcher? They don’t need a Catcher, They need a pitcher or 2!!

Relax it’s just injury insurance. Decent move.

Soto sucks. Good move

I’m assuming this was for defense behind the plate. Angels steal a lot of bases?


I’m just going to have to trust J.D. on this one I guess. I was really looking for an over priced pitcher rather than catcher.

What the heck are they thinking

Good pickup for what we had to give up

Who is gonna pitch to him….Kinsler?????

I have had a feeling Torrealba has been a cancer on this team. I have not liked his animated “showing up” some of the pitchers when they didn’t get the ball where he wanted it. I wonder if that caused some discord in the clubhouse along with the offseason controversy he was involved in. Not sorry to see him go. He seemed to call a good game, but he wasn’t very good here.

Soto is coming off an injury but is hitting 281 in his last 10 games…maybe it was just that we needed some pop for our backup. I really don’t see anything else.

This trade makes no sense. Torrealba has proved that he would be a starting catcher for another team and they reward him by getting another catcher and designating him for assignment. Really? Horrible deal they need pitching to bolster there rotation.

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